Here We Are Again

Hello, hola, konnichiwa, bula, kia ora and harae mae to my blog (Look how multi-lingual I am)! I need to put all my blogs in one basket, so you can find the links to my Kiwi adventure blogs in the About section if you want to read up on my past travels. I’m planning on going back to New Zealand in September, I already have my ticket booked and everything! Actually, I cancelled my return flight while I was over there and bought a round trip ticket, so when I head out in September I don’t have a return date. While my friends and family might want to wring my neck for leaving again so soon, I find it exhilirating! I absolutely LOVE the idea of heading out an a new adventure with no end in sight.

Until then…this blog exists mostly because I have nothing better to do with my time. You will get a collection of random thoughts and nuances that catch my attention. Enjoy?

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