And I Thought Job Hunting Sucked

I consider trying to find a job a waking nightmare. I want to find something that I can quit in about a month and a half when I got on a road trip and not feel bad about. I’m finding the job hunt to be mostly unsuccessful and I am only days away from more desperate measures of obtaining money. I have yet to figure out how exactly, but don’t you worry! It will be a more noble cause than prostitution (however lucrative it may be). I can’t say I have never considered it. Last time we were in New Zealand Erin and I joked about working the corner for money and agreed that we could never actually do that. However, once we had gotten rained out of our tent for maybe the 4th night in a row and spent the remaining hours of what should have been slumber huddled in a freezing ball of misery in the public toilets, we actually reconsidered.

Anyway, I thought the job hunt was bad enough, now I am trying to fill out my tax return forms. I have ironically never had to fill out US tax return forms and now I sit here in a cloud of confusion trying my best to figure out my NZ tax returns. Job hunting is a walk in the compared to this. My eyes travel back and forth between the forms and all my brain is conjuring up is something like, “….wtf is this?!”  The guide and the IR3 form don’t match up at all; the form tells me to copy the amount in box 12 of the guide but THERES NO BOX 12 IN THE GUIDE!! This happens on many sections of the form. And then it tells me to record my RIT and I even know what that means. (Apparently it means residual income tax, my dad just told me. And when I didn’t know how to calculate it he told me it was $0 because it would be stuff from tax last year. How am I supposed to just know that?) I can’t even have anyone help me because no one here is from New Zealand and they don’t know how they do it over on the other side of the world. It’ I want to jump up and down and scream and pull my hair out like a child in a tantrum. Time to get back to it and hopefully figure everything out before I completely lose my mind.


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