More Pickles Please

I love dill pickles. I might have just OD-ed on pickles. I’ve eaten about 5 of them in the past ten minutes. They get such a bad rep, what with all the (unfounded) pickle and ice cream/pregnancy associations. The only reason pregnant women want pickles is because they are suffering from a sodium deficiency, so they can go lick a salt block. Lay off the pickles, they don’t need that stigma. I can’t really answer to the ice cream craving, other than ice cream is just so good who doesn’t crave it?!  So have no fear, I’m definitely not pregnant; I just really like eating these crunchy morsels of deliciousness. Anyway, it got me thinking of all the great things you can eat with pickles.

You can always eat dill pickles plain. They are just lovely to munch on and you can’t beat  0 calories! (Not sure if I believe that “fact”). Or you can make a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. DON’T hate on it until you try it. Most people try it and find that they rather like the combination. It happens to be one of my quick lunchtime favorites. Dill pickles are amazing when put on a nice hamburger or cheeseburger, or chop em up and add to some tuna!  Throw some dill pickles on a cheese board, it’s fantastic. My little brother is telling me deep fried pickles are good…I’m skeptical, but I’d be willing to give it a go. This is a dill pickle dip recipe I’ve been wanting to try, Im going to make it right now. And try my hardest not to eat my weight in chips and dip. 🙂

I also just read that someone uses dill pickles as a chaser for vodka! Take a shot, bite into a pickle. I’m intrigued. Can you imagine the bartender’s reaction if I asked for a pickle with my vodka shot? Do they even have dill pickles at most bars? Might have to try this one out just for shock value. Pickles are the new lime.


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