Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Hobo Life For Me

I graduated from Whitworth University with a BA in Psychology. Have I done anything with that degree? Have I become at all successful in the adult world? No, I have not. At least not in the way most people expect from a college grad. And quite frankly, at the moment, I couldn’t care less! Instead of furthering my education or jumping into a career, I chose to fly away to New Zealand on somewhat of a whim with just enough money to (barely) get by. My living situation went from thriving in a duplex with 5 other girls to just surviving in a moldy tent with one of my best friends and favorite travel buddies, Erin, in a field. Or a beach. Or by a waterfall with baby seals. Our transient nature allowed us to be happy wherever we ended up (and let me tell you, we ended up in some ridiculously random places). Before managing to land a job at a lodge off one of the walking tracks Erin and I lived in our tiny tent, ate cold baked beans from the can on a regular basis, and traveled around the country via hitchhiking. I couldn’t be happier than when I am sitting on the side of the road in the sunshine, thumb out with no schedule to follow and nothing to do. This is one of my favorite pictures: It’s not a particularly artsy photo. There is nothing unique about the subject matter, or the composition, or the lighting. There is nothing particularly stunning about this picture, but it is one my all time favorites because of what it stands for. Erin and I were on the South Island of New Zealand trying to hitch down the west coast when I took this photo. Whenever I look at this I remember the feeling of spontaneity, adventure, and freedom of life on the road. While it may be more financially wise for me to try and find a job and start saving, I just can’t do it. Not yet. I love having the freedom to do anything, go anywhere, and live how I want to live. I’m currently free of every single ball and chain that holds people back from travel; I have no boyfriend, no home of my own, no classes to attend, no permanent job, no obligations. So why not? I can go ANYWHERE I want to go! The only restriction to my gypsy lifestyle would be student loans, but even those don’t hold me back too much. As long as I have enough money to pay it off monthly (and that can easily be made with a couple weeks work) I can go wherever I want, and backpacker type jobs exist in every country. The world is waiting, and I’m not about to put my life on hold until Im debt free.

I also just finished reading On the Road. Warning: reading this book will leave you craving adventure.

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