Well this is what I get for hanging out with Paddy. Since I am only in town for the summer, I’ve been looking for a temp summer job in Boise and failing miserably at it. My friend Paddy, who traipsed about in New Zealand with Erin and I for the rugby world cup, comes for a visit and I end up somehow agreeing to go to Portland with him to paint houses. This sort of thing always happens. Paddy’s philosophy on life is this: if you leave something long enough, it will work itself out. (Except for tents. Tents NEVER work themselves out.) What a tried and true philosphy! For a while we were wondering where we could stay in Portland, but when we mentioned that we were leaving in a few days to work Jamie informed us that her mom owns a house in Forest Grove (about 30 mins away) and she would love for us to stay there! Everything just fell into place so incredibly smoothly. My plans went from staying in Boise until mid July to up and moving to Oregon within 12 hours. I head out to California for a wedding tomorrow and on the 10th I’m off to Portland on the next adventure! I love life’s little surprises.


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