Love List

I drove up to Portland today, it’s been a long day. While winding through the mountains I got to thinking, and it made me realize how much I actually love driving. Bouts of road rage induced by slow or otherwise idiotic drivers aside, I really do enjoy being on the road. Not only was I thinking about how much I love driving, my mind wandered to of all the other things I hold near and dear. There are the obvious things such as God, family, friends and  laughter, but there are so many other little things in my life to love. So I have created, in no particular order of most loved, the love list:

1. Bennett- ok I lied, Bennett actually is probably my number one most loved possession on this planet. Bennett is a stuffed animal dog that I have had since I was a baby. He has been confused for both a rabbit and a bear. His face is worn thin and his fur is beyond matted. His eyes are scratched and his face is somewhat smooshed, and one of his legs had to be sewn back on. And I love this dog more than anything, I sleep with him nearly every night. In fact, Bennett was on the trip to Oregon with me today, he was in my lap half the time and in the front passenger seat for the rest. No, it’s not weird, it’s love.

2. Road trips- they are literally one of the best things ever, especially fun-filled when you are with your friends! There are many pros to air travel, but when you go on a road trip you are more a part of the land, immersed in the beauty of nature, experiencing the intricate details of the landscape that are missed entirely when you are 30,000 feet up. When you road trip, you can rock out and sing at the top of your lungs in your car and there are no strangers to hate or judge you like on a plane or train. Sure it takes a bit longer, but it’s all about the journey.

3. Scary movies- I can’t even tell you why, but a good scary movie that makes me afraid to fall asleep at night is a great success in my book.

4. My sleeping bag- I absolutely adore that thing. Just ask my old housemates, I could almost always be found on the couch in my sleeping bag in the living room. It’s like a blanket, but better. I just love putting on my shorts and snuggling into my sleeping bag in the middle of winter. I love camping and having the opportunity to sleep in my sleeping bag. It’s just so comfortable! I think I might actually be part hobo, I should do some investigatory work on my family tree.

5. Coffee- who doesn’t love that necessary caffeine burst when you wake up? There are few things in life more relaxing than finding a locally owned coffee shop with that quirky, unique feel in town and enjoying a latte in the sunshine. Add a crossword or two and life is gooooood.

6. Crosswords- Katie came to visit me the summer I worked in Wyoming and we did a crossword in the newspaper at the grocery store. That was 5 years ago, and I’m still addicted. I will crossword it up almost anywhere, I carry a book of them in my purse at all times. I even have a special crossword pencil.

7. David Guetta- have you seem him? Have you heard him speak? I love him!

8. Puddle jumping- I just find so much joy in making a splash.

9. Travel- with a world this big, it would be a sin not to explore it! I love going to a new place, I always end up learning so much not only about different cultures, but also about myself. Traveling gives me the opportunity to grow as a person….and go on some badass adventures. 🙂

10. Campfires- camping brings me great joy because I am in nature, fire brings me great joy because I get to burn some nature. I love campfires. I always burn little sticks and write words in the air with the glowing red ember at the end, and sometimes I burn bigger sticks and try (usually in vain) to create smoke rings.You know how some people like the smell of gasoline? It’s not a particularly good smell, but it is appealing to some noses. Camping clothes usually don’t smell too pretty either, but when I pull out that sweatshirt I was wearing by the campfire when we were making s’mores it just brings a big smile to my face.

11. Being weird- which after making this list I have discovered I am quite good at. I have a lot of little quirks. But I guess that’s just another thing to love.

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