Before I Kick the Bucket

Like most of us, I have a bucket list. I’ve had one for years. The trouble is, it keeps expanding and changing and there are some things once important enough to make the list that I don’t really care if I do or not anymore, like “become famous” and “become a videographer”. I actually don’t ever want to be in the national spotlight, I do far too many stupid things as it is I don’t need the whole world in on my affairs. It recently took me about 3 too many weeks to get my eyebrows waxed, the last thing I want is the media broadcasting to the world my newest Frida Kahlo fashion fiasco. I like my privacy, thank you very much. Becoming a videographer would be fun I guess, although I can’t for the life of me remember what prompted me to throw that one on the bucket list. I was very impressionable when I was younger, that dream most likely spawned from watching one too many video explorations on the Discovery Channel. I couldn’t care less whether I become a videographer or not (which is good since it’s looking like I most certainly won’t); I’m not even fully sure what all I thought that would entail. To be fair, I also have “tower of terror-do it!”, “catch a squirrel”, and other equally ridiculous items on the list that I might be ok with if they lay me down in the ground before I get around to accomplishing. The Tower or Terror seems way less legit after both jumping out of a plane and into a canyon from 440 feet up, but if I get the chance I guess I would still do it. And having a pet squirrel would just be awesome.

My bucket list is mostly travel based, which, if you know me, makes a whole lot of sense. It largely consists of seeing everything I can and having the most memorable adventures. Bucket lists are great things, I always look at mine and it inspires me to save money so I can actually travel the world. The trouble with bucket lists, however, is that they tend to limit your scope of possibilities. If you let them, as with any list, they can become quite constricting. There are so many things I have done that I am so glad to have done but never would have thought to put on the list. Just his week I have shot a tommy gun and driven a tractor. Both of these have been quite fun (and completely random) experiences that, had I thought of it before it happened, might have made it onto the list. In Fiji I ate bat, and if you asked me even one week beforehand, eating bat never would have even crossed my mind. Opportunities like these that just seem to fall into place remind me to keep looking beyond the list, to not limit my experiences to the few things I have managed to think up in this short-sighted brain of mine. Look at each day as a new chapter, each word/thought/experience as something to be taken in and mulled over, loved, and explored. I see life like I see words in a book, if I don’t know what a word means, I’ll look it up. If I come across something new and foreign to my repertoire of experiences, I’ll find out what it’s like. My bucket list is less a to do list than it is an inspiration to experience life to the fullest.


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