Another One Bites the Dust

Just the other day I returned from a wedding in Colorado and I. am. exhausted! After 2 hours of sleep from my 4th of July bender in Crouch, I met up with Ricky and Erica and we prepared to head off to Cedaredge, CO to watch our friends Cody and Jheri get married. We spent 24 hours getting to and from Cedaredge, and only 24 hours actually in Cedaredge. It was one heck of a rush trip, but totally worth it. We left Boise earrrllllyyyy on the 6th and drove 12 hours straight to get to Cedaredge so Ricky (the best man) could make it to the rehearsal on time. We just barely made it, and Ricky dropped Erica and I off at Jheri’s empty house so we could get ready for dinner as he rushed off. We have never been to Jheri’s house so it felt a little weird to be there by ourselves before we had ever even met her family, but we freshened up just in time for her younger brother to come and pick us up. We had a delicious dinner at an italian restaurant and then got ready to go out. Technically it was Cody’s bachelor party, but they let Erica and me crash it. We went to one of two bars in Cedaredge and had a good time chatting with the locals, and once we got back to the house the boys ditched us to go play video games and have “man time” before Cody got married the next day. Erica and I awoke to (once again) an empty house, got ready, and made our way to the chapel. I’m going to be honest here (at the risk of sounding petty) and say I was a little unsure about the two of them getting married. I guess it was because there is a little bit of an age gap, and I have never actually seen the two of them together as a couple, and it all just seemed to happen so quickly. Either way- I had my reservations. However, sitting there in the chapel, watching Cody walk his mom down to her seat and preparing to start the ceremony, I have never in my life seen him so nervous. Cody, a man so composed he rarely even looks unsure of himself, could keep neither his breathing nor his hands steady. Although despite his nerves he just radiated joy, and I even saw a tear or two slip down his cheeks as Jheri walked down the aisle. Simply watching the two of them together made me realize that I was just being a little bit shallow with my doubts about their relationship. It was a beautiful wedding. The reception followed, and as we all took our seats at the tables Erica and I ended up alone at a table in the front; every other table was full. Sad thing is, we weren’t even close to the last ones in there, our aloneness was simply a matter of not having any friends. We sat there together, just the two of us, eating our food and after someone approached us only to take one of the chairs for their own table, the realization hit us. Erica looks at me and says, “We are the losers at this wedding. We show up to an empty house, get picked up by the brides younger brother because we can’t get ourselves to dinner, we crash a bachelor party only to get kicked out later so they can play video games, we wake up the day of the wedding and everyone else has already left, and we are now sitting by ourselves at this table in a crowded room.” It only took 22 out of the 24 hours we were there to come to this revelation. I tried to make it better by reminding her that at least we got an invite, but somehow that just didn’t feel like enough. Our only consolation? At least we had each other. We actually found the fact that everyone knew each other and ignored us pretty funny and had a good laugh over it.  As soon as the wedding was over Ricky and Erica and I jumped back in the car to drive all the way back to Idaho, and I was finally able to crawl into my bed at 330am. I now have less than a week before I jump back in the car and head out on my epic road trip with Kathryn!!


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