Into the Narrows

After waking up in our comfortable beds and grabbing a bite to eat, we were decidedly not up for Angels Landing. We opted to do the Riverside Walk/canyon adventure hike instead. There is a hike called the Narrows that is 16 miles long and you trek through the river the whole time while sqeezed into the canyon which I really, REALLY want to do someday when I go back with more time (I’ll tackle Angels Landing then, too…). While we had to get to Vegas later that day and were off to a late start already, we couldn’t do the full Narrows hike but went as far in from the end point as we could, assuming we would only spend a couple of hours there at best.

At first the river was incredibly crowded, which, as I already mentioned in my previous post, makes nature no fun. The crowds thinned out though the farther in we went, which I was quite pleased about. The river got pretty deep at some points which forced us to walk with our packs held over out heads as we wandered farther into the canyon. Our path gradually got darker and darker the deeper we went, sunlight creating striking lighting as it pepped into the canyon and gave way to dancing shadows.

Kathryn and I had already gone farther and spent more time than we had intended to (per usual) in the canyon, but when we came to a break and the river split into two directions, we had to take the path less traveled. We couldn’t help ourselves. This portion of the journey took us over a few minor waterfalls and shot us back out into some sunshine at the final waterfall where we stopped. We began the long but easy walk back to the start and hopped in the car. Five hours after beginning the small day hike (oops) we were finally on our way to Vegas!


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