Viva Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas……

…stays in Vegas.

But I can leave you with these few nuggets:

*I woke up the next afternoon, sat up and saw my ID, debit card, and 3 room keys scattered across my bed. The handbag they were originally in was MIA.

*There was a note from Kathryn saying she went to the pool. She was passed out face down on her bed, still clothed and on top of all her sheets.

*Glitter. Everywhere.

*On the desk was a sheet of paper with our own room number written down (on the back a note saying “hope you made it to your room ok”) and a princess wand that we didn’t start the night with.

*I have a camera full of photos I don’t entirely remember taking.

*Kathryn and I mentioned wanting to go the Bellagio to check it out. She then found in her purse a $1 cashout voucher, from the Bellagio, time stamped at 6:16am.

*We might have seen a circus show.

*32oz vodka slushies are the perfect way to avoid a hangover. Mostly.

Waking up in Vegas.


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