Flashback Friday!

The other night I was talking with my friend Chris, and the conversation ventured into our old high school days and how people have or haven’t changed. One not so  surprising thing: a lot of the girls in my lovely class of 2007 are either preggo, have already popped one out, or have just gotten fat. Not all of them, mind you, just….a lot of them. The surprising thing about my class is how the guys have fared. There are the usual frat boys with beer guts and the always was and probably always will be buff guys; but a big high five to some of the more scrawny boys from my class! I was shocked to see some of them now! (Disclaimer: I was facebook creeping. But I wasn’t alone! It wasn’t just me!) Some of those boys have seriously bulked out. My how things change. (Always thought they’d probably end up most successful anyway; actually kind of looking forward to the 10 year reunion if I’m in the country.)

Talking about the years at our old stomping ground put me in a bit of a nostalgic mood, thus prompting me to pull out the old yearbooks and reminisce. I started with the jr high years…what a mistake. Some of those photos still make me cringe. It’s safe to say that was one of my more awkward phases in life, and while I may not have felt incredibly awkward at the time, man I sure looked it. My high school photos are a little more normal, and my boredom with those drew me to the autographs page where everyone would write their little notes and sign their names.

This isn’t a regional thing, right? This whole yearbook signing thing is universal, isn’t it? I found out back in 2008 that senior photos done outside of school are predominately a west coast thing, since my friend from back east had no idea what I was talking about. It rocked my world. Anyway, I got more of a laugh out of what everyone had written than I had expected! Some of them were the usual “HAGS; this year was great; u r such a qt pie” etc, but then there were the inside jokes that I don’t remember such as “What are friends for…a towel and a coat rack” (wait, what? They are? Is that what I used to think?) and “Black holes! Haha I will never forget that!” (well…it has somehow escaped my mind). So I have created a list, oh how I love lists, of the best yearbook quotes from my high school years.

Hailing from my sophomore year in 2005:

“Kayla Joy! 2 words…ROB GURNEY! Ha I ❤ U! Um Kaylarama? Yes!!” Rob Gurney was a senior, and alllll the sophomore girls had a massive crush on him. Oh that poor boy. I actually got to talk to him once in the training room for like…10 minutes. It was a big deal. But really, did you have to reference our love for him in my yearbook? Where everyone else is signing and seeing? Also, Kaylarama…don’t remember what that was, but it sounds awesome.

“Good times lol! Wink* wink* Well guess who I just saw? Lol. Don’t be a stranger this summer” Really? Another reference to him? Thank God I never worked up the nerve to ask him to sign my yearbook. Now THAT would have been embarrassing.

“Big and Tall, It’s true! And you are awesome! And sexy! [insert arrow pointing up to Big and Tall reference]” Why that cheeky….the nerve. One of this guy’s friends had a major crush on me at the time, and I was informed that his nickname for me was ‘Big and Tall’. Why, you may ask? Because I was tall and I had a big butt. But in a good way. Unfortunately, he was quite short and came up to maybe my shoulder. Apparently the theme of 2005 was to make embarrassing or revealing references in my yearbook. Lovely.

And then there was my junior year of 2006:

“Hey Kayla! The cookie rocked. Have fun this summer.” The cookie rocked? What cookie? What are they even talking about?

There are about 4 difference references to math class and how fun it was. I don’t ever remember math class being fun. Maybe it was especially horrible that year and everyone was being sarcastic? Or did I somehow make it fun?

Finally, senior year. Here are the gems from 2007:

“Love is deep. Just like our friendship. So it’s safe to say I love you!” I don’t even know who wrote this, because despite loving me they failed to sign their name at the end. it was written in sloppy, scrawling style- standing out in a very bold orange color. Well mystery friend-lover, maybe we will meet again one day.

” Track was so much fun. You made Curry cry yesterday. Good luck in college.” I made my coach cry? And it was fun? how horrible of a person was I? I’m hoping this was after some goodbye ceremony where I made her cry with the sadness of me leaving rather than my cruelness.

“Thanks for being taller than me and accepting all that stuff we “did together” on facebook. We need more nice people like you around. It was fun.” This is possibly my favorite because it happens to be the most bizarre. What is he even talking about? What exactly did we ‘do together’ on facebook?!? I didn’t get drunk in high school so there’s no way that’s a forgotten blackout episode, and that fact aside we never really hung out. He makes it sound kind of like a pity hookup, that I lied about doing something with him…similar to what happens in that movie Easy A. But I never did that.  I’m so confused.

Oh high school. It was fun, but I’m sure glad it’s over.

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