It’s Late, I’m Awake, Heres a Ramble.

I started the night off with watching Taken on tv, and migrated to my bed where I decided to turn on Gothika. Winning choice of movies to watch alone at night. Really. My mother was wise to not let me watch Gothika when I was 13 years old, despite my desperate pleads and huffs at her injustice against my liberties. Just look at me now; I am 23 and huddled in my bed under the covers (despite it being quite warm) with the lights on. My stomach is grumbling but the fear of what lies beyond the light is overwhelming so here I shall stay, sweating from the heat but unwilling to budge. If I watched this when I was 13 I would have been sleeping with my parents. (Ok, maybe not…but I would probably not be sleeping at all for at least a week.) I didn’t think it would be all that tense considering it was made in 2003, but I think my heart stopped and I jumped so high my whole body went airborne at least five times. I guess when you are all alone a scary movie’s effect is amplified.

In an attempt to work up up the courage to turn off the lights, I will morph into my superhero alter ego.

And while I’m at it, I’ll think of New Zealand and how I am going to be returning to that wonderful country in one week!!! That’s right, just a week! Ahhhh I can’t wait! I’m feeling better already! 🙂

(Although I AM still hungry….)

Coromandel Sunrise

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