If You Aren’t Drunk, You’re Doing It Wrong

Oh little blog you have not been forgotten. I just need something exciting to happen in my life worth talking about. For now…a brief update. I am still in Christchurch and waiting on money to come through so I can pay for my medicals and finish up this visa application.
I have decided to stay in New Zealand for the summer if I can, and that means dropping more money that it might be worth on my work permit application and medical forms. Ugh. Nah, it’s totally worth it! If I do get the visa I will be back out in the Sounds at Punga Cove. There is a chance that my request will be denied and then I’m in trouble, but let’s not think about that one for now…I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it if need be.
While I attempt to sort out my life I shall remain in Christchurch. At the moment I am working for accommodation at a hostel called At The Right Place. It is the best hostel ever. Seriously. (For no other reason than I’ve been there before, the owners are awesome, and I just have a soft spot for it.)
One of the owners had her birthday party there last weekend. The theme was LMFAO’s Sorry For Party Rocking, and you had to dress like someone from the music video. People went all out and it was so much fun! The party started at 9 and everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was flat-out smashed by 11. Most of the girls that work here are Argentinian and the one spanish phrase they thought to teach me is “estoy borracha! Beso me!” Amazingly, my memory held onto that one quite clearly and I havent forgotten it. Unfortunately I can’t recall whether or not that phrase was successful or if I even used it. Rickie and I stood by the door and made everyone who showed up take a tequila shot with us before entering the party. The last things I remember are those shots and playing the “drink a bottle of cider from a really long straw in 10 seconds or less” game. Next thing I know its 930AM and I am waking up in my bed, still in my party clothes. What a night. I’m pretty sure the dorm living room looked like the front yard from the music video and let me tell you…it was considerably less exciting to clean that mess than it was to create it.

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