Favorite Spaces and Places

I have had the fortune to find myself in some truly beautiful places in my life; from travelling through New Zealand to road tripping through the wild west of the USA. So here we have a short and sweet post, sharing photos from some of my favorite places.

Start to a beautiful sunset in Kona, Hawaii. My best friend Carly and I went to Hawaii with her family the summer after our senior year. Such great memories from that trip.

I spent a summer working on a private ranch in Wyoming near Jackson Hole. As one on the perks of the job, I was only a 5 minute drive away from Grand Teton National Park. Guess who hung out in the Tetons on all her days off?

During our hobo adventure, Erin and I arrived in the Coromandel late at night and camped out on a balcony. We froze all night and slept miserably, but waking up to this sunrise was just what we needed to turn our frowns into smiles. We hiked down into Cathedral Cove after warming up at Hot Water Beach. Such a perfect day.

Hello sunny California coastline! Kathryn and I drove along the coast during our road trip, this was near Big Sur. Personally, I adore an Francisco, but the coastal view is hard to beat.

Hagley Park in Christchurch…despite the fact that I almost got peed on by a hobo in this park I still love it. There are beautiful botanical gardens to wander through and there are many happy memories associated with this park. I can’t think of it without smiling.

Ahhh Maui, Hawaii….life’s a beach. What’s not to love about the sand and surf? Maui is my favorite Hawaiian island, but I still have to get to Kauai. (It’s on my bucket list)

More to come I’m sure, because there is absolutely no way I could fit all of my favorite places in just one little post.

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