Good Night, Sleep Tight, Dont Let the Bedbugs Bite

I hate that saying. We have a bed bug infestation at the hostel; I woke up yesterday covered in bites and I itch…and itch and itch and itch. My arms are covered in bites and they look all red and blotchy and gross. A couple of days ago I woke up to only a few bites, which I attributed to my newfound hobby of running in the park and stretching in the grass. (Yes, running. I can only run for about 10 minutes before wanting to die, but it’s a start!) However, one of my roommates said that she was getting bit by something and showed me her arm and neck. They looked just like mine. We went and told Glen and he said that they have never had a bed bug infestation before but it looked like that might be what it was.
We decided to bug bomb the room and see what happened. I stripped the beds, put the cans in, and set them off while hoping for the best. Two hours later I walk into the room and what do I see? A bug, crawling up the wall. And another on my mattress. And another on the far wall. I threw them in a glass and upon closer inspection found that they were in fact bed bugs. They’re like cockroaches, these things just won’t die. I wish I could say that  was the worst of it, but oh no. Our room is comprised of 5 beds, two sets of bunk beds and a single bed. The bunk begs are made of metal but the single bed, my bed, rests on a wooden frame of sorts. Where do bed bugs like to hide? Wood. I flipped over the frame and it was crawling with bed bugs. EVERYWHERE. The image of all those blood suckers living under my bed is seared in my brain forever. I can’t stop imagining them crawling all over me at night and biting me. I’m shuddering just remembering it. We proceeded to take everything out of the room and spray it all with raid. Just when we thought we had found the beg bug’s lair, I found even more of them in the curtains. Up at the top, in the corner that doesn’t get moved much, we found heaps of bed bugs. And eggs. And discarded bed bug shells/carcasses. Most bugs that we squashed were full of blood..most likely mine or Haleys. There were big ones and little ones and just hatched ones; they’ve probably been breeding for a couple of weeks. All in my wooden, curtain-y corner of the room. Even if I sat in the hot shower for hours I wouldn’t feel clean enough.
After clearing the room, taking out the curtains, vacuuming, and otherwise doing everything we could think of to eradicate them, we found out we were doing everything wrong. Glen called the fumigator and he said that the best thing we could have done was keep everything in the room. See, bed bug eggs are the main way these little bastards are spread. So putting all of the stuff from the room outside was like blowing on dandelion seeds. All we did was spread the infestation. Everywhere. The fumigator is coming in tomorrow to spray.

Today Glen told me heaps of little eggs probably fell onto us as we were taking down the curtains. Please excuse me while I go shave my head now.


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