Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween time and I have to say…I’m feeling my first teensy pang of homesickness. I miss Autumn; the smells of cider and pumpkins, the crispness in the air, the crunching of leaves underneath your feet, the explosions of yellow, orange and red in the trees. I miss sipping on hot drinks and carving pumpkins and bundling up in sweaters and scarves. I miss the spirit of Halloween; seeing all the houses decked out in cobwebs, skeletons, gravestones, jack o lanterns, coffins, witches and ghosts. The thing I miss most about Halloween? Dressing up. I love seeing everyone all decked out in their different costumes, and dressing up is on my top ten list of favorite things to do.
My housemates and I dressed up as the rainbow for Halloween my senior year of uni. I have to say, we looked pretty awesome when we were all together! However, we all went to a party later and inevitably got separated, prompting more than one person to ask what I was supposed to be since I was just….green.

Back in high school Carly and I dressed up as salt and pepper shakers for Halloween. Even though it wasnt anything too crazy, I consider that costume a success.

When I studied at Massey University for a semester back in 2009, a group of us Halloween loving Americans decided that even though it isn’t as widely celebrated here in New Zealand, we were going to dress up anyway. We went out on the town and ended up being almost the only ones dressed up. We had a good time anyway.

This year our group at the hostel decided to dress up and hit the town. Wayne went as a zombie, Rickie was a pirate, B was a home depot worker, Taylor was a hockey player, and I went as a builder. I borrowed Wayne’s bright orange and blue work jumper and we wrote “I’m a builder” on the back so no one would get confused. Sexy, I know. Sadly, I don’t have any photos. We all pre-gamed pretty hard and tried to all go out together…but as most drunk group efforts go we failed. Unfortunately we wouldn’t all fit into one taxi, and by the time the two taxis came for us even more people wanted to go out. We weren’t willing to pay for another taxi, so Taylor and I jumped out and decided to walk to the bar and meet them there. It was a 20 minute walk, and halfway there we got a call from Wayne saying they were going to Calendar Girls instead to see if we could get in for free. We decided not to go because it was too far away. After much walking and many confusing drunk calls, we sorted something out and at least half of us made it to the same bar. After drinking more than enough vodka we decided to head home. We walked halfway down the road before deciding a taxi would be a better idea. With minor difficulties, I punched in the taxi number and tried to tell them where we were. The conversation went something like this:
operator: Can you tell me where you are?
me: Yep! Riccarton road. Near a KFC aaaaand…a dentist office.
operator: Riccarton road near Merrivale?
me: Pshhh….I don’t know
operator: Can you give me a street address?
me: KFC?

It’s a wonder we made it home at all.

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