I Live!

Sorry dear readers, I have not forgotten you!
But I have been incredibly busy.

Im not even sure how Ive been so busy, really. I have been working at a couple different bars and clubs in town, and since I have been picking up all the night shifts I decided to stop working for accomodation at the hostel and just start paying. The hours were messing with my body so much my mom thought I was on a coke bender when I talked to her on skype in the public library on a sunday afternoon.

Yeah, I looked that bad.

I’m looking better now! I have turned into a primarily nocturnal creature but at least my sleep schedule has balanced out. On the down side, I no longer get free internet at the hostel (thus the extreme disregard for my poor blog). I also no longer get free laundry and since I don’t particularly enjoy spending $8 to wash and dry my clothes I’m sure I don’t smell as great as I used to. At least I’m not trying to date anyone. 😛

I am working at an irish pub in town and lately I have ended up doing the closing shift with my friend Maia on Sundays, so we have taken to calling it…Sunday Funday! A couple weekends ago we stayed open until 3am for five people. Since there wasnt many of us we spent the night creating origami and teaching each other magic tricks. Last weekend we got a hold of some capes, found some crowns, and created masks. We called ourselves the Caped Crusaders of Guinness and wore our costumes for the rest of the night while we served people. The boss loved it, he even considered making capes an official part of our uniform. Do you have any idea how awesome capes are?? Maia and I laughed at the idea but once you put one on you feel invincible.True story. And they are so versatile, you can do anything with them! We are now converted cape lovers. I want one of my own.


No new adventures lately, I have just been busy working. In fact, my life is so routine that the construction workers on the street to Hagley Park now recognize and acknowledge me when I walk past. The bouncers and bar staff at Revival and Smash Palace know me by name and when I go into the liquor store the employees there all hug me when they say hello. I recently found a local fruit and vege shop and they are starting to recognize me as well. On the one hand its kinda cool that I am settling in here; on the other I left the States for adventure and this isn’t quite adventuring. But for now, it works. 🙂

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