Bring On Another Year

It’s time to ring in 2013; create those New Years resolutions and bucket lists! I actually hate new year resolutions. I think people get overly ambitious and make all these resolutions that they really can’t keep and just set themselves up for failure. It seems like every year people decide to all of a sudden stop smoking, go on a diet, hit the gym, and run 6 miles a day-all at once. In reality, how likely is that to happen? Face it, you aren’t going to fit into those jeans you fit into five years ago anytime soon. Just go buy new clothes and work from there. We can’t change our entire lifestyle in one day and expect to keep it up for an entire year. It’s like we all think a Cinderella-esque story will happen and we will magically become something we never worked towards once the clock ticks midnight. Instead most new year resolutions just end up looking something like this.

But I don’t want to start the year off as a negative nancy, so let’s look on the brighter side of facing a fresh 365 days, shall we?

I feel incredibly blessed to have had the experiences I did in 2012. I welcomed last year in at Furneaux Lodge with friends that felt like family (it certainly beat getting ditched downtown on new years the year before haha). From there on out the year was a roller coaster of highs and lows that took me for one hell of a ride. For the lows…I got dumped, lost a best friend for good, plunged myself into debt, became homeless, and learned many lessons the hard way. On the bright side…I spent most of 2012 in New Zealand, made some amazing friends, went on a great American road trip through the West, saw some of the ones I love the most get married, spent an entire year in summer, crossed off bucket list items like sky diving and bungy jumping, got to see my family (however brief it was), moved into a flat with some new friends, and overall have been living my dream.

We now usher in 2013. While I refuse to create new years resolutions, I will add to my bucket list. I think I left my bucket list at home, which is a shame because I can’t even remember everything that was on it, but it also frees me to be more open and creative with my adventures. 🙂 Some new additions that I’ll set out to accomplish this year:
1. Go on at least one adventure a month
2. See at least 2 continents
3. Eat something new and exotic that I would normally never try
4. See at least 5 different countries
5. Don’t step foot in America…except for maybe Christmas
6. Try one new recipe a week as long as I live in my current flat
7. Check out one of New Zealand’s great walks
8. Satisfy my inner adrenaline junkie
9. Visit at least one friend who lives overseas in their home country

Ok, ok, I know this looks eerily similar to a new years resolution list. But it’s not. It’s different…somehow. It’s not so cliché? It doesn’t include life changes? Whatever. It’s different because I say it is. 😀


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