The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Yesterday I opened my bedroom door to find a small, inconspicuous package resting against the wall. I curiously picked it up only to discover my name on it! Delighted at the prospect of a mystery gift, (and honestly, who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail? Unless it’s textbooks…such a letdown) I attempted to identify the sender. The only name I saw was William Kingston from Rochester, NY. Who the heck is William Kingston? Further inspection yielded only the company name “Crazy Dog T-Shirts”. Strange. I eagerly tore at the packaging and pulled out…THE MOST AMAZING T-SHIRT I HAVE EVER SEEN!! Ever.TPhoto_00007

You all know how much I love raptors. I even raptored through downtown Dunedin after the England v Georgia match in the Rugby World Cup with my friend Paddy. It’s kind of my thing. Anyway, I rip open this package to find the above raptor shirt. This elicited unusually girly squeals of delight from the depths of my soul accompanied with joyful leaps and jumps with childlike abandon.

I was alone in my room.

I could only speculate on which friends know me well enough to send me this knowing it would make my day. week. year.  life complete. My first assumption, which I still believe to be correct, was that it must have been either Paddy or Erin who sent it to me. I’ve settled on Paddy merely due to the fact that he has recently asked what my address is. And said he was getting me the best birthday present ever. He has also been present for much of my raptoring career. I sent him a message yesterday but still no response.

About half a minute after seeing the shirt I noticed, much to my dismay, that it looked a little small. My heart nearly dropped. Noooooo!!!!  I threw on the shirt and ran to the mirror. Mother of all that is good and holy, it fit! It fit perfectly!!! What a magical shirt! I lovingly smoothed the precious garment down on my bed and marveled at its awesomeness before carefully hanging it up. I have been wearing it all day today, I even took a picture of it and put it up on facebook. It wasnt until after going onto the Crazy Dog T-shirt website (and after wearing the shirt for hours) that I stumbled across a secret message on the shirts interior. Just when I thought this shirt could not get more awesome, a day and a half later it proves me wrong.


Hoooly crap there is a raptor face on the inside of the t-shirt!!! And when someone asks you about your velociraptor you flash them while giving yourself a raptor face!! Or just flash them your stomach, as I have done above. Knowing me, I will just do the raptor run. Unless I happen to be feeling particularly shy at the time, in which I’ll just flash them to become a real raptor hide my face.

The question still remains, however, of who sent me this glorious treasure. I can only hope this mystery will be solved soon.

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