Well after 2 weeks of being too lazy to shower as much as I should, dripping my weight in sweat almost daily, and not having any sort of mirror to look at, I looked rough. We left Kamoka and missed it almost immediately.  I finally had my first good look at myself in a mirror and seriously…these eyebrows were out of control. Frida Kahlo called, she wants her unibrow back. After all my time in the salt saturated ocean I could pretty much mold my hair into any shape I wanted, and at that particular moment it happened to still remain in that windblown look. Never looked better.

We enjoyed a couple Heinekens with Patrick before boarding the plane for Pape’ete. We were all sad to go. To be honest…Pape’ete is not much to look at. It’s smelly, a bit run down, and not too exciting. We found a pension to stay at for the night against the advice of everyone (who told us to go to Mo’orea and not waste any time in Pape’ete) and got ourselves showered and presentable again. The next day it was off to the ferry to spend a few nights in Mo’orea.

We should have listened to everyone, that first night back in Tahiti was such a waste! Mo’oIMGP3575rea is BEAUTIFUL; lush green, mountainous landscape to soak in as you wander around, unbelievably friendly people, cheap accommodation, and awesome weather. We should have gone immediately there. For only about $17USD a night we stayed at Pension Motu Iti, recommended to us by Leslie. This place had a little jetty you could walk out on and free kayaks to explore the reef. We spent the first day hiking up to this lookout and making our way back down through a pineapple plantation, hard work on the legs but the views were worth it. Upon returning we ate at the restaurant that was a part of the pension, which was quite delicious, and finished the day with margaritas and star gazing.

This morning we went for an early morning kayak ride; our oars slicing the water breaking the otherwise perfectly still sea as the sun rose in front of us. If we hadn’t found paradise in these past few weeks, I don’t know what is. After a run in with a giant cane spider (which bites-fortunately I didn’t have to find that one out the hard way…) the four of us hitched to Intercontinental Resort and Spa to make ourselves green with envy and swim in their pool undetected haha.  I had to take the ferry back over today as I am flying out but the other three are still in Mo’orea for a few more days. I am already trying to scheme a way to get back here.

Mo'orea sunshine

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