Out Of This (Cyber)world

I have not been the most diligent of bloggers as of late, but I have an excuse! I have been in Ahe in the French Polynesia, out of the realm of internet access and back to the basics (in every sense of the word).

And I have returned victorious! I am currently back in Tahiti at the Faa’a International Airport waiting for my flight out to Bangkok, which I have brilliantly booked for 1:10am. Great planning on my part, right? Anyway, in a perfect world I would have been keeping this blog updated throughout the past two weeks; in an ideal world I would be able to do a post per day type thing until I was all caught up. Being this crazy, imperfect, chaotic world that it is (at least my world)…I have decided that I will make the best of it and update it all at once! So I have compiled a series of posts from my journal scribbles while in Ahe that you can now read from the start to the end. I might be out of internet for a while once again, but in the meantime you will have plenty to read.

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