Full Moon Rising

*disclaimer: this post might feel rushed and I’m sorry. I’m already a couple of days behind!*

I have finally escaped the tourist central that is Koh Phangan, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. I arrived in Haad Rin a couple of days before the Full Moon party was meant to happen, but it seemed as though the party was already well on its way. In fact, there was a party of some sort-whether it be a jungle party, waterfall party, or pool party-every night leading up to the actual full moon. I made the rookie mistake of panicking about finding a place to stay (it’s the off season, I would have been fine) and pre booked online at a place called Oasis Bungalows for 500baht a night, which just so happens to be a couple hundred more than I have paid for a room yet. You would think luxury, right? Wrong.

For 500baht I got a fan room with a shower that doesn’t exactly work and a couple of less than pleasant roommates named Mr Spider and Mr Cockroach, no wifi and half the lights didDSCN0871n’t work. Winning. Full Moon, however, was awesome! I ran into Sarah and Grainne and had the chance to hang out with them for the week, and I also met a lot of new friends. I pregamed the night of the actual party with Louise and Stacey, some girls who were also staying at Oasis and whom I had met on a random beach adventure a couple of days before, We made our own buckets and painted up in fluorescent paint for the black lights on the beach. There were people on every corner offering their painting services for a fee but I decided to make this a DIY project. I had grand plans on how awesome the paint was supposed to look, but of course combine my detailed vision with my serious lack of artistic talent and I ended up walking around all night looking like a kindergartener used me as a canvas. I can’t say I minded too much, at least I got into the spirit of things;DSCN0880

We wandered down to the beach around midnight, and I ran back to use the toilet one more time in the hostel. “I’ll meet you on the beach in front of Paradise Hotel!” I called out over my shoulder as I split with the girls. I never found them that night. I walked onto the beach and was met with a wall of people. There was no way I was finding anyone, even though I tried valiantly. I eventually wandered the opposite way and ran DSCN0881into Alex, someone I had met the night before. We chatted for a bit and he told me Sarah and Grainne were up on the balcony with everyone and I went to go retrieve them. After finding that group we all meandered down to a stage that was up byDSCN0861 their hotel, Tommy Resort. There was a quickly constructed stage on the beach that you climbed some stairs to get to, which was back dropped by the Tommy Tower. Since I didn’t get the chance to participate in the fire jump rope (yes, there was a fire jump rope! It looked amazing but by the time I went back to do it they had finished! 😦 ) I felt the need to do something at least a little bit stupid at Full Moon, so I climbed the Tommy TDSCN0886ower. I wasn’t the only one, it was other people doing it that gave me the idea. And I was only going to go halfway, but once I got there people above were urging me higher and I ended up at the top. It was a cool view, I got to see the sheer chaos that was Full Moon below me, and I felt like I was going to die. That tower didn’t seem too stable while climbing up it, and as I stood at the top I wondered how sturdy it actually was. I lookedDSCN0884 down and saw more and more people, like ants, clambering up one after each other and with the very real fear of this tower collapsing I looked down and thought, “This is how I’m gonna die in Thailand.” I began quickly making my way down just a little Thai man came up and was shouting at everyone in Thai to get off. Don’t need to tell me twice my man, I’m out.

The rest of the night was spent dancing on tables and finding random people to chat and dance with. It was an absolute blast and I loved every minute of it! I decided to DSCN0888stay on Koh Phangan for one more night after the party (I couldn’t imagine getting on a boat the next day with that hangover) and Sarah, Grainne and I cozied up on one of the couches in one of the bars to watch The Hangover 3 on the projector screen they had set up. The perfect end to an awesome week.


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