New Town, New Scene, New Outlook

“Oh!” I exclaimed, pleasantly surprised as I walked through the front door, “I didn’t know you were here!” Grammy sat by the window, breaking her silent reverie to turn and greet me. We chat for a minute or two before I realize the house has begun to shake, rocking back and forth. “Ah $#&%, Katie must have forgotten to detach the house from the car” I grumble as trees and buildings flash past the window.

“Kayla…” Laureen shakes me and I realize I was only dreaming as the bus rocks to a stop. “I think were here already.”
“But,” I look around, confused, wondering if I’m actually awake yet, “we’re in the
middle of the street?” It was still dark out, I’m definitely awake, we are in fact in the middle of the street, and we got in two hours earlier than expected so its only 5am.

Still sleepy eyed we departed the bus, at least we had an island stand on, and grabbed our bags. Kuala Lumur is a big city-and it both looks and feels it! With no map, no tourist center, and no light we were a bit stuck. There was a café open across the way and we made our way over there with other lost souls. Our plan was to wait out the sun and seek accommodation once things started opening up, so we grabbed a coffee and some roti and curry to pass the time; nothing like a 5am curry to start your day. Still, I’m glad to be out of Thailand and exploring a new country, I feel refreshed and optimistic once again.

Welcome to Malaysia!

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