Near Identity Theft

My time so far in Malaysia has been as bizarre as my impressions upon entering the county. From near stolen identity to mistaken identity these past two days in Kuala Lumpur have been, well, unforgettable.

I parted ways with Laureen the day after we got into KL as she had to make her way back to Bangkok to complete her India visa application. After saying goodbye I hopped in the comDSCN1066muter train and made my way out to the Hindu temple and shrine Batu Caves for a little day trip. The caves themselves were nothing special, but those macaques running all over the place are sneaky little devils! One of the most memorable part of climbing those 272 leading up to the caves would have to be seeing all the macaques scampering around, unafraid of humans. I was rather excited to be so close to monkeys, and as I bent down to take a photo one hopped curiously down the stairs towards me, probably wondering if I had food.  I thought I had made a new friend as he sits in front of me, staring at me before inspecting my purse. My “purse”, I’ll have you know, was at this point nothing more than a small plastic bag. My actual purse had ripped open in Koh Phangan and I have been too apathetic to get a new one, so I had been using a plastic bag as a replacement for over a week.  Anyway, I obviously don’t DSCN1070care about fashion and I had made a monkey friend, which was far more important.

I was crouched down about halfway up the stairs, talking to this monkey and telling him how cute he was as he ran his hands across my bag while periodically looking up at me. I decided I needed to get a picture of this, and as I raised my camera I had a flashback to the doctor’s office last year of refusing the rabies shot because I wasn’t going to be traipsing through the jungle with monkeys. I looked downDSCN1071 at this little guy and shrugged; he looked placid enough, just don’t piss him off and we should both be fine. It was about this point this furry faced creature became my frenemy. As I pressed down on the shutter button I saw a flash of blue before the screen went black to register the photo. That flash of blue sent a bolt of fear shooting through me; that blue thing was my passport. “Hey!” I yelled as I saw him pull it out with his mouth, “Give it back!” Contents of my purse went DSCN1097flying as I dropped it and lunged for the monkey, he dropped my passport as he screeched in surprise before scampering off.

Thank God he dropped the passport. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if he had held onto it and actually run off. Talk about lucky! I still thought the monkeys were adorable, but I watched them somewhat warily after that. He actually searched the outside of my bag before settling on the passport as snatch worthy…and he alDSCN1128most got away with it too. The rest of the cave temple exploration was fairly unexciting and I ended up leaving after not too long to go watch Monsters University. (Yes, I am a mature adult.) I have had no problems with anything getting stolen until today, and I was almost a victim of identity theft. By a monkey.

One thought on “Near Identity Theft

  1. I was quite curious about this post as we’re currently in KL and had been warned about the amount of card cloning that goes on here. I’ve had a nice chuckle about it being a monkey behind the scheme! 🙂

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