Penang Street Art

I don’t often take pictures of street art, but something about Penang just grabs me. Its such a colorful city, and so full of life, and packed with delightful little surprises around every corner.
This is one of my favorites. I honestly don’t even know why but something about it made me stop in the middle of the street and stare, mesmerized, before realizing there were cars waitinDSCN1166DSCN1171g. I come back to it almost daily.




This 3D art of children on the bike is very popular; I had to wait a while before I could snap a shot of it with no one else posing on it.


And this one, it’s just creepy. I don’t know why it’s outside of a Chinese temple or why the artist decided to make her look like she’s about to pounce on you and rip out your heart, but I saw it first at night and it gave me the heebie jeebies.


I found this little treasure today while searching for a nice coffee shop. It’s so well done it looks real!


Although the following weren’t on the street, I still think they count 🙂

These bikes snaking down the walls were in the coffee shop I discovered right next to the previous imitation corridor art.




The rest of these I found inside the China House/Canteen…….





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