After spending about 2 weeks in the Cameron Highlands I decided it was high time to make my way down to Singapore to see Mama and Papa Kimball! I booked an overnight bus (because I’m cheap and I never learn) into Singapore, scheduled to arrive at 6am. After some mild confusion due to not having a phone, I finally connected with Cheryl and was taken to their place, which is affectionately deemed Hotel Kimball.

I think I just died and went to heaven

I think I just died and went to heaven

Edith, their helper, is a saint. She took my dirty laundry without so much as a nose crinkle (I was gagging) and fed me while Cheryl pumped me full of espresso as we sat on the couch chatting about life and drinking latte after latte. I showered in hot water, peed in a proper toilet, used toilet paper, was able to actually see myself iDSCN1990n a large mirror, and drank real coffee instead of that instant powder. It was weird being back in a first world country, but nice to have life set back on easy mode and able to recharge. Chip had to work so Cheryl let me join in on her and Helen’s lunch date, which included inky squid and fish head curry. We let Helen have the gills and fish eyes, but I will admit that despite having that weird rubber band texture and leaving everythDSCN1991ing saturated in black ink, the inky squid was surprisingly good!

We spent the rest of the day walking around Singapore and seeing the sights before heading home to dineDSCN1986 at Café Edith. Cheryl took me to the Marina Bay Sands and we had a drink 200 meters above the bay at the Ku De Ta bar next to the Infinity Pool.


We followed up with heading over to the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel to have a famous Singapore Sling before heading back to meet Chip at the house. And this is how I spend my days…touring bits of town one day at a time and loving it! 🙂



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