In Malaysia, We Eat All of the Stingray

I have left the creature comforts of Singapore and am once again back on the streets! Read: back in the heat, fan rooms, small beds, thin mattresses, cold showers, multiple roommates, and the ever present possibility of bed bugs.

Ah, life on the road.

I am spending a few days in Kuala Lumpur to visit Choo, Woei, and Chi Yan (three girls I met in the Cameron Highlands who live here). After spending almost an hour running around KL and cursing myself for not having a smart phone (or even just a phone with credit), we finally managed to meet up and they stuffed me so full of Malay food I could barely move. It was awesome. We had chicken curry, stingray curry, eggplant, lady fingers, and some sort of sweet chicken over rice. Everything was so good, but as I was pulling one of the stingray bones out of my mouth Chi Yan informed me that you just eat the bones because they were soft. So I tried. I did try, Ill try almost anything once, but as I bit down on the bones it just felt wrong. My western mind is so locked in the idea of not eating fish bones that feeling the crunch of them (although they were actually pretty soft) made me involuntarily scew up my face. I only ate maybe 3 or 4 of them and left the rest on the plate. I did eat the skin though. Waste none of the stingray.


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