Self Perception

I gave my class a blank face template and asked them to draw themselves and label the parts of the face. I got these results:



We have the girls….



the boys….




IMGP0334…..and katois.

Yep, even at the age of thirteen some of these boys already know they want to be on the other team. And that is perfectly acceptable here; there is no shame, discrimation, judgement or bullying for it. It is what it is. The only thing I don’t like about it is not being able to split the class up into teams of girls vs boys, but that’s ok because you just split the class down the middle and end up with team names like “Team Butterfly”. I doubt any teacher is America has to worry about katois when dividing a class into teams. Then again, I bet kids in America wouldn’t dare feel comfortable enough to admit that they deviate from the “norm” because they would get torn to shreds by their peers. Anyway, as a result I end up with pictures of boys with bows like the one above.

The best part about teaching is seeing what these kids come up with. For instance, when told to draw themselves I got a huge variety of photos. The girls generally have very neat and artistic pictures, and some of the boys do too, but these have to be some of my favorite results….


What is this?? What backwater country in West Virginia did this kid visit? Note the gun earrings, the buck teeth with braces (because every hillbilly wants straight teeth) and the axe. In his head. There are no words.






Heyyyy boys! Saucy. Just stay away from ping pong balls and don’t end up in Pattaya, honey. Please.


Also…I said draw a picture of yourself…why are they making themselves blonde? I have yet to see a blonde Asian in real life.




This kid here thinks he’s a vampire. Or a zombie?

Or a really tired cannibal.





And here is what some of these kids actually look like. Not quite the same…


2 thoughts on “Self Perception

    • Yeah it is really interesting to see that at such a young age here…and I felt bad for unintentionally singling them out when I tried to split the class into boys vs girls.

      Their English isn’t that great and I wonder if my message got across as just “draw A face” rather than “draw YOUR face”. Its still an interesting perspective on how much of American media and culture influences other countries.

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