Another Day Down

Bungkan sunset

Do you see this?? BEAUTIFUL!

IMGP0369          I’ll be honest, thirteen year olds are hard work. Sometimes my classes are all very well behaved and the day runs smoothly, and then sometimes that very same class will be completely out of control and unfocused. Those days make me want to bang my head against the table. The days I feel like I accomplished absolutely nothing because they could not follow an instruction as simple as “draw a line inside this circle” and run up to show me with pride the face they drew inside the circle instead.

With complications on my visa, problems with transferring money from one bank to another, stress over making 14 different lesson plans without any guidance whatsoever on either what they neIMGP0364ed to or have already learned, and not much sleep- I was beyond ready to get the heck out of the office and curl up in bed to forget the world. I stepped outside expecting dull twilight only to have this glorious sunset canvassed across the sky. I was blown away.


Its hard to stay irritated and uptight when faced with a sky as beautiful as this. Bung Kan you are so full of surprises.





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