Back in Action!

Woooooowy wow I am so sorry for keeping you all in the dark! Shame on me.

This past month has been one big jumble of emotional tornadoes, stress, re-adjustments to Thai life and settling in. Through all of this my keyboard decided to break and I have been working with a halfway functioning keyboard and trying to train the voice recognition function on my computer to listen to me and type what I say. It listens even worse than my students. I finally caved and bought a keyboard that I can plug into my computer, so I am now back in business!

I actually haven’t really been working much, Bung Kan School is on a bit of a weird system so I had two weeks on, two weeks off, three days on, and now another two and a half weeks off. I don’t understand it at all, but I don’t really like it because I need money! Consequently I have been spending most of my free time here and not off adventuring like I would prefer. Mentally, Ive been all over the show. But I am back! And will resume regaling you with stories of my Bung Kan life.

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