Chet Si

Over the last break Claire, Martee and ventured out to Chet Si, a nearby waterfall in one of the national parks. Well…nearish. My “Thailand tattoo” experience still fresh in my mind, I warily hopped onto the back of Claire’s bike and off we went!


After over an hour of puttering down the highway we arrived at the trailhead without IMGP0507incident. I was so incredibly glad to get off that bike…straddling the seat for that long is not comfy on your backside. The drive itself was absolutely gorgeous though! IMGP0532The natural beauty in this area is just incredible and it makes me excited to explore more of it.

It as only a couple hundred meter walk to the first pools (although I did still manage to face plant ever sIMGP0536o gracefully on the slippery rocks in front of some kids who may have been my students). Once you get to the first pool you only have to hike a short way up the hill, traverse through the perilous tumbling river while clinging to a rope, and clamber IMGP0538across more of those deceptively slippery rocks and you have made it!

The waterfall was beautiful, the sun was shining, and we had snacks. It was perfect. There were a bunch of children sliding down the rocks on a sort of natural slide and Claire and I decided to give it a go. I am sad to say we never made it to the waterslide. I IMGP0560honestly don’t know how those kids did it! The watIMGP0556er rushes over the slippery rocks so quickly that, despite all our desperate clawing, we would inevitably get carried away and helplessly tumble across the rock face back to the bottom while sputtering river water and drowning in laughter. So I guess, if you think about it, we did go down a slide of sorts…just not the one we were after.


All in all, good day to be out and about! Excited to see more of what this province has to offer.

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