Lap Up the Lahp

I think I have found my favorite Thai dish (although its difficult to say, all of it is oh so good!). The other day as I was flipping though the food section of Emma’s Thai dictioIMGP0824nary I came across the word “lahp”. One glance at the ingredients led to an instant decision to try it as soon as possible. We went out to dinner that night with Martee, Mavic, and a new friend Ohm and I requested to be taken to a place that serves this mysterious lahp. He took us to a lovely little restaurant just out of the town center and we had not only lahp but also some delicious sort of soup that you add fish and veggies to. I don’t know how we would ever order food without him….IMGP0831

Lahp is a northeast Thailand specialty that is a mouth watering combination of minced meat (usually pork), shallots and cucumbers thrown in amongst cilantro, mint, red chilis, fish sauce, lime juice, and green onion. It is usually served with sticky rice and…this is the best part…you eat it with your hands! I LOVE finger food! You grab some sticky rice, mush it together, and compliment it with a bit of lahp for a happy little flavor burst on your palate.

I could probably eat this all day every day.


Ok that was a lie. But it is seriously SO GOOD!


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