Miracle on Walking Street

*I may not have turned water into wine or walked on water, buuuuut….I did successfully eat an oyster. I even LIKED it!IMG_0292

Seriously, unless you have been around me in my seafood eating endeavors you would not know how truly impossible it is…was….for me to successfully consume an oyster. While my thoughts on seafood have been slowly evolving, my brain’s low opinion of certain slimy mollusks has remained stubbornly steadfast. I have tried, and tried, and tried, and tried some more to swallow an oyster yet my valiant efforts always conclude with me retching over the rubbish bin/sink/ocean/etc. I just cant swallow the slimy, salty little monsters no matter how much mouthwateringly delicious sauce they may be soaking in.

But ladies and gentlemen today….today I ate not just one, not just two, not even just three, but a PLATEFUL of oysters! Well, a third of a plateful. I had to share. It truly is a miraculous feat for my body to not violently reject them. The magical key to unlocking oyster greatness is….eggs? Or maybe sprouts? And probably the fact that they were fried helped a lot. We ordered a dish called Aor Suan, a Thai oyster omelet, which is made up of fried oysters thrown together with bean sprouts, cilantro and pepper all sizzling on a hot plate under an omelet. Add a little tomato sauce and (I still cant believe I am saying this right now) this dish is superb! Emma asked what this dish was called and I literally could not believe my eyes when Nit Noi held up the translator for us to read the English name. Oysters? I was eating oysters? And wanting MORE?! I think my mind wanted to reject them but even after my first enlightened bite both my stomach and my taste buds just said ‘Noooope, shut it, mind. Gimme more.



*Also not claiming to be Jesus.
But my body did perform an incredible feat today…


2 thoughts on “Miracle on Walking Street

  1. Great post, I just had a similar experience while I was in Japan. I normally can’t STAND oysters but I got a fried one in my bento box and it was actually pretty good! I think you’re right about it being a lot better in its fried state.

    • I am quite impressed with Asian dishes for having the ability to trick me into liking oysters haha 🙂 Glad to know Im not the only one who has experienced the turnaround!

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