Spooktacular Bung Kan

Ok so this post might be just a little bit late but better late than never right? And I might as well get it out now before Thanksgiving comes around (because then it really WILL be too late…). So without further ado, I bring you a tale of Halloween in Thailand…

Emma and I had the brilliant idea to create pumpkins last week for our kids to make jack o’ lanterns in the spirit of Halloween. I must have forgotten that I have over 500 students, and I obviously didn’t take into account how long it would take to trace and cut out that many pumpkins (or how much all that orange cardboard would cost…). The kids loved it though and despite the fact that I don’t think they could tell me it was a jack o lantern in their hands at the end of the day I consider my Halloween edition week in class a success.

That being said, I never want to look at another cardboard pumpkin again.

After a week of educating Thai children on the spookier aspects of October, Emma and I were invited to Mundo exchange for a little Halloween get together and cook uIMGP0866p with some of the M6 students (seniors) from the school. We arrived early, Emma an M&M and I a black cat, and were given a Thai cooking lesson by Bright. Under his guidance and assistance I made green curry stirred whatever he threw in the pot as “we” made green curry. I could totallyIMGP0864 make it again on my own if I wanted to….

With it looking all green and bubbling with chicken drumsticks it was a perfect ghoulish looking feast. Bright vanished for a little bit and returned with his friends. Since Halloween isn’t celebrated in Thailand, I wasn’t expecting much. I was certainly not expecting a hoard of zombies and vampires to come waltzing through the front door laden with bowls of delicious food.


I was blown away by the talent and creativity of these costumes. I’m talking eerie IMGP0888contacts, props, and extreme face painting and make up.

We even had a pregnant zombie! (baby bump was a IMGP0892teddy bear)

We ate our fill and then some of the finest homemade Thai cuisine and learned a new dance to some Thai country song.

IMGP0882Halloween this year included themed (even if accidentally so) food, elaborate costumes, trick or treating (yes, someone came in with candy and we had to say “trick or treat!” to get some) and even a jack o lantern. I have spent Halloween in three different countries now, and while it may be the star in America it has been a memorable event in whatever country I find myself in.



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