The True Story of Snow White (and other student shenanigans)

Today in my older class we decided to create our own story. I started by writing on the whiteboard, “Once upon a time, there lived a…” and the story progressed from there as the students shouted out ideas and sentences. This is what we came up with:

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful butterfly. She was very fast even though she was fat. One day Pam flew to the flower garden to eat nectar. On the way she met a scary snail. He was big, and ugly, and had sharp teeth. The snail wanted a kiss from Pam (originally heard by me as “a piece of Pam” which sent me into hysterics).

Pam was very shocked!

And she died.

And then she became Snow White.

That’s a true story, everyone. Snow White was once a fat butterfly named Pam.

Meanwhile in my jr high classes I have been attempting to teach them opposites. Note to self: if you have any body image issues do not teach your students ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ and ask them to write a sentence using both words. More often than not you will see “Teacher is fat, students are thin”.And they actually think I’m fat…because these Thais are toothpicks and I apparently look pregnant since multiple kids have asked me, “Teacher! Baby?” as they hold their stomachs and point to mine. (Jury is still out on whether or not the teachers think I’ve actually got a bun in the oven…) Another interesting series of comparisons sprung up when I tried to teach them ‘expensive’ and ‘cheap’. Despite telling then you use those words when buying things, many of them still used people as examples and wrote things like, “Pim is expensive, Biew is cheap.”
Although I must say this is one of my favorites…


Another student unwittingly proposed a counter argument to this statement by writing, “father is expensive, mother is cheap.” I should have just taught them ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ instead….


Some students just struggle with the general concept of a sentence, forget comparing two opposites.

And when I tauIMGP1072ght them about being thankful on Thanksgiving we made hand turkeys and wrote what we were thankful for.

<— what is a crapple?

This better not be a euphemism for what this kid thinks of my class…IMGP1074



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