30 Days of Thanks

November is a time to be thankful for the things we have (ironically just before December, a month full of wishing for things we DONT have…) I saw a whoooole lot of facebookers posting daily updates about what they were thankful for each day, and I decided that rather than pepper my wall (and everyone’s newsfeeds) with daily thanks I would write them all down day by day and share them all at the end of the month. Without further ado I give you to….(at least) 30 things I have been thankful for this passing November (with an occasional thought flitting through my brain at the time of writing it):

1: my adaptibililty
2: having a job   even though it can be a real pain in the ass
3: new friendships
4: the opportunity to live in different countries
5: having so many reasons to smile and laugh
6: friends that have become family
7: Mundo Exchange
8: my hobo blanket and sleeping bag    two things I could never travel without. These poor things have been through a lot.
9: my education   
10: puppies!    I just saw THE CUTEST puppy in the street and played with it for 10 minutes. Almost brought it home.
11: the roof over my head    God bring love and relief to the Phillipines
12: my Little Brother!!    I love you so much
13: music
14: my 1/5 class    they keep me sane
15: the vast dfferences in our world
16: coffee
17: flip flops!    that finally arent “toilet shes”…because how embarassing.
18: color   I freaking love color.
19: my family
20: skype
21: Bas and Yuii at Buengkan Passport
22: my native english tongue    as much fun as it is learning Thai, I am so glad I speak fluent English. It is so helpful in this world
23: Ben George! And toast.
24: water     Running water if we are being specific. You never realise what a great thing you have until its gone and you have to take bucket baths.
25: my old teachers   because good Lord being a teacher isnt easy
26: chocolate
27: Thai pop music   I know I already said music but that was before I discovered this
28: having people to spend the holidays with
29: the one long sleeve shirt I bought in Singapore  Thailand is not supposed to be this cold…is it?
30: Daksha and Nancy


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