Reunions and Full Moon Round 2!

After a rather emotionally trying final week of school I packed up some essentials and made my way south to reunite with Jeneane in Bangkok for a much needed escapSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESe.

It was awesome seeing Jeneane again! I really missed her an enjoyed comparing life in the north vs the south of Thailand. I took the train down with my friend Sarah and she stayed with us for a couple of days before heading SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESoff to meet another friend of hers. Of course Jeneane had our big night out, filled with the usual micheif and mayhem, and I got the chance to meet her family who were here for a visit.They are all lovely and I joined them on the 59th floor of the Banyon Tree Hotel’s rooftop bar, Moonbar. What gorgeous views! My camera doesnt even do it justice, just we enjoyed our (definitely not cheap) cocktails as we surveyed the brightly lit metropolis that is Bangkok. I said goodbye to Jeneane as she went back down south and I took off onc again for Bungkan. Bangkok was fun, but it put a bit more of a dent in my wallet than I anticipated.
Although I meant to go back and save money until April, that was apparently not going to happen. On the bus back home I get a text from Boat, “Hey Kayla, I am going to do full moon maybe go to the island the 13 or 14”. We had talked about doing Full Moon with Brittany, and since I didnt have the chance to say goodbye to her before she left the offer was tempting. It was already the 11th though and I responded by saying I didnt think I was going to go its expensive and I was already on my way back but we will talk when I get back. I get the response, “Ok so lets do the full moon.” I guess that decision was made for me.

10009615_10152364560561654_1421516776_nAnd can I resist a chace to party til dawn on a beach with thousands of other people all covered in paint? No, of course not. So two days after getting back we made the 24 hour trip to Koh Phangan. Since Boat and I are both so good at planning ahead we failed to book a hostel before getting there. After talking to one girl on the ferry who said she and her boyfriend had trouble finding a place to stay online over a month ago i got a little apprehensive. Sure enough, almost all places were booked for the night of the Full Moon party but no matter, we left our bags at Brittany’s hostel and decided to just stay up til dawn. Who needs sleep?

We did in fact party til dawn..well, I did at least, Boat left the beach early but stayed awake til the sun rose so I guess that counts too 🙂 I would have more pictures in this post, but I forgot that I had my camera in my pocket and decided to go swimming in the ocean at one point during the night. In a panic I must have taken out the battery so it could dry and left it somewhere, because when I did finally get around to checking everything the next day my camera was still in my possession but missing a battery. I think it still works, I will find out soon enough when I find a replacement battery. And then I get to look at all the pictures hidden in my mermory card! It is kind of exciting I guess.

Camera accidents aside (which Im not even too upset about since I surprisingly still have the camera…)  the night was a blast! Boat and I lost Brittany and her friends in the first 5 minutes, and after 2 hours I lost Boat as well. We all had our own party experiences and Brittany found me again around 4am. It was a night full of buckets, dancing, fire limbo, and swimming. I’m pretty glad I decided to go again; I think it was more fun even though I lost everyone at different points of the night.

A couple days later Boat and I rented a motorbike for the day for only 200 baht and took off to explore the island. Koh Phangan is not the most beautiful of the islands, but you can’t beat a day full of sun kissed skin, wind blown hair, snorkeling and swimming on the islands various beaches. We left the next day for Koh Tao. I only spent a day on this island, but what I saw of it was wonderful and I am keen to go back when I finish up teaching for my open water certification. I left Boat on the islands to do just that, actually. I left as Boat was just beginning his course. I was incredibly jealous.






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