Positive Influence

Last term some of my matyom 1 classes (also known as seventh graders) were a teensy bit ridiculously loud. I tried my sovereign best to keep them quiet but sometimes “Quiet!!” just wasn’t enough.

These classes have since been passed on to Emma as they are now in M2, and she is having the same problems. So the other day in class Emma, exasperated, commanded in a frustrated tone to please just stop talking and a student pipes up, “Do you mean shut your mouth?” Emma looked at the child before asking, “Did you have Teacher Kayla last year?”

She told me she could just hear me saying those words in the way he said them. Hahahaha day made and a lesson learned…they really do listen sometimes! 😉



(See? They still like me. 4 of the good students from the loudest class of last year!)

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