A Day in Bullets


*Wake up. Chop up some mangos, pineapple, and dragonfruit for breakfast. (Must do at home because I like to suck the remaining fruit off the mango seed while juice drips pretty much everywhere and it looks rather undignified.)

* Walk across the street to school. Make my necessary cup of coffee and get ready for the day.

*Go to morning assembly and spend the 15-20 minutes wondering what the heck they are saying. Distract myself by counting the number of students who are sleeping.

*Go to my first class…not feeling quite awake enough yet to deal with 50 thirteen year olds. Tao takes my bag and carries it in for me as Fern grabs my hand and walks with me. They really are cute sometimes. (ok most of the time.)

*Get tickle attacked as I write on the board by Mas. Almost a daily occurance after one of them discovered this particular weakness of mine.

*Go to my next class. 10 minutes in I tell Jo I will throw him out the window if he does not stop talking. He understands after I act it out.

*Teach parts of the body. Place my hand on my chest and say “chest.” Potay pipes up with “nome!”(Thai word meaning milk..also what they call boobs). Chided him and wondered how I survived my first term before I learned any Thai (blissfully ignorant I think.)

*Eat lunch with some of my students. We have som tam (spicy papaya salad) and rice.

Screenshot_2014-07-08-08-50-37-1*Hop on my teacher facebook and find a message from one of my M6 (17-18yr old) students. He asked what the meaning of this picture was and after concluding he was genuine I doubled over laughing while thinking of a way to explain “invasive”, “skinny dipper” and “testacles”. He said he found it on “a website of science.” Oh the joys of teaching.

*Finally go home, shower, and go for a run in the park.

*Grab dinner and visit some friends. See another one of my M6 students who asked me what “Oh gee, Mama” meant. I had no idea. Boat cracked up because he thought she said “orgy”….and then I had to explain what an orgy is. It was an eventful day for translations.

*Practice some Thai, curl into bed and fall asleep while reading Game of Thrones.


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