What’s Left to Say?

Blog challenge: Things You Want to Say to an Ex.


I dont have many exes in my life. I generally dont allow others to get close enough to me to become an ex. So I only have two.

To the first one….I have nothing left to say. I don’t even want anything to do with him. But I guess if I HAD to say anything to him it would sound something like, “I wish magic were real, and there was a potion I could take that would cause me to remember the lessons I learned from our relationship but completely forget the person behind them.”

And to my other more recent(ish) ex, “You were a great friend and I’m sorry I turned you into my rebound. I also apologize for turning three shades of crazy during my emotional trainwreck of a life, like that one time when I sat under the table, red wine drunk, and cried for seemingly no reason at all. I remember that now and I find it hilarious, but I can only imagine what must have been going through your head. Definite low point, haha my bad.”

…..I dont think I like this prompt.

One thought on “What’s Left to Say?

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