Memory Monday

Today I decided to scroll trough my photos and take a little walk down memory lane to 2008 when I worked on Snake River Ranch in Wyoming….beautiful place, beautiful memories!!

WY pt 2 008WY pt 2 052Home on the ranch….

WY pt 2 054WY pt 2 009 

No complaints on the view!

My backyard..

Wyoming~ 009

Wyoming~ 001Wyoming~ 030

lovely 🙂

Just 5 minutes away, Grand Teton National Park was my playground.

Grand Teton National Park 039

Grand Teton National Park 046Grand Teton National Park 025

Grand Teton National Park 116

Grand Teton National Park 100Man oh man, I miss this!


One thought on “Memory Monday

  1. I was just telling someone about this job you had and how incredibly beautiful the setting was. I miss this, and I live here! I think it’s time for dad and I to take a road trip…. xoxo

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