Songkran Snaps


If I have learned anything about my time living in Thailand, it is simply this: the Thais love to celebrate! In Thailand they celebrate western new year, Chinese new year, and (probably my new favorite) Thai new year! This celebration is called Songkran, and DSCN1257while traditionally it was a more sedated and family centered event it has evolved into a noisy, fun-filled nationwide water fight. And it is too much fun. 🙂

This year was my second year celebrating Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand with thousands of other locals and foreigners alike. Both years have brought unique DSCN1279experiences to the table and I have loved them both in their own ways. Last year I was running around Silom Road and RCA like a wild woman shooting everyone in sight (with water, obviously), and this year the highlight was, again, RCA but surprisingly Khao San Road came in a close second.

Last year I was with B, and this year I got to hang out with Emilie, Jillian and James. Anyway…I could talk all day about how much fun it was, but Ill show you instead 😀

DSCN1291 DSCN1282

So. many. people.

Game face haha

Game face haha



DSCN1323          DSCN1320

New friends and old!

DSCN1330              DSCN1329



No, it wasn’t raining.

Until we meet again, April 13th! (plus 14th-16th)

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