Tamphra Waterfall

Aaahhh beautiful Buengkan. It’s rainy season, and I usually love this time of year because Buengkan is host to many amazing waterfalls! Sadly this year has been uncharacteristically dry so far, but we did have a solid (and I mean solid, almost non-stop) two weeks of downpour and I grabbed the opportunity to go waterfallin 😀

I banded together with some of the Thai teachers as well as Chinese teachers from my school and we set out for Tamphra Waterfall (น้ำตถท้ำพระ), about 40 minutes to an hour IMG_2596outside of Buengkan heading east. Once you think you arrive at your destination, you soon realize that after parking you need to hop into a boat for a relaxing ride through the jungle. Less than 10 minutes and only 40 baht later you will be dropped off at the base of a hill, and after climbing the steps you will emerge from the thicket and stumble upon this:
20150809_130449There is no real “path” just a weathered line across the rocks worn down by the tread of thousands of feet winding their way towards the not so distant sound of thunder.


I have been to Tamphra a few times before in past years, but now there was a bit more water than I have ever seen here before. Also: more people. You win some you lose some I guess. 😉 Word of advice, if you are anywhere off the beaten track in Thailand it’s generally a good idea to leave that bikini at home and don more modest swim attire (read: some old clothes you don’t mind trashing a bit). Unlike the beaches in the south, people tend to be a bit more conservative out here in the northeast. Thankfully this is not a lesson I ever had to learn the hard way! (But, dear reader, if you ever find yourself in Issan I don’t you want you to have to learn the hard way…) This isn’t the biggest waterfall in the area, but incredibly fun none-the-less. Not only do you have sort of wandering river at first glance, there is this waterfall hidden behind the rocks and an awesome natural rock slide! After munching on some snacks- because snacks are an essential element to any adventure- we decided it was time to play.

Every time I have seen this impressive rock slide in the past I was always too afraid to do it, but this time I decided to take Mother Nature on! Confession: Mother Nature won. Laws of physics kicked my ass….literally. Something in motion (me) will stay in motion. I walked away with a scraped upper thigh and a bruised bum haha. But…it was worth it.

20150809_131237IMG_2745IMG_2754                                                                                                IMG_2755


I can talk about how much fun it was to act like children under the cascading water, or go simply sit back and enjoy the moment, but I think simply showcasing it in pictures would be more exciting 🙂



How about a free massage?



And here is the crew!


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