Kids Say the Darndest Things

The other day I was giving some of my students a speaking test for adverbs of frequency. As a joke I asked them if they ever picked their nose. The results were somewhat unexpected; as a ten year old girl I would have told my teacher “No! I never pick my nose!” Instead the responses I got from these five girls were surprisingly honest:
“……always!” (after peals of laughter from me) “Teacherrrr……in my room! Nobody sees! ….Teacher!!”
“….I usually pick my nose…”
“Oh…always.” (no shame here haha)

One of my favorite kinds of assignments are the ones where my students have to/get to draw. It makes the assignment more entertaining for them and grading more entertaining for me! I just did a preposition practice assignment (draw a buffalo next to the tree. Draw yourself on the buffalo. etc etc) The results were everything I had hoped for.                                                                          Angry birds….20150827_133632
20150826_091045….and an angry koala buffalo?

And this buffalo and snake are equally unsure about each other.


I know some child psychology theories focus on the idea that a child’s behavior, development, perception of things, family life, ect can be elicited from drawings that they do. After doing assignments like this for two years and teaching these kids I would love to learn more about that  because some of these kiddos….well their drawings are very expressive and creative.

A more recent assignment I did was to have them draw their family. I drew mine on the board and labeled the members of my family and asked them to do the same for their family. Most kids understood that, but a couple of them decided instead to draw their own creative interpretations of my family:

20150910_100401To be honest I think my mom probably suffers most in both of these drawings….sorry Mom 😛

Are you ready for this one? This one had my co-workers in fits when they saw it….
20150910_095403“My” face…



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