Dreaming of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us (or just around the corner depending where in the world you may be) and I think my brain is short wiring a little bit despite this being far from my first Thanksgiving away from home. The first time you are away from home for any major holiday is a bit rough. I thought I was a seasoned veteran by now but apparently subconsciously I still miss those home comforts, especially during a holiday as specifically American as Thanksgiving.

I had a dream the other night that I was enjoying a nice Thanksgiving dinner at a Thai friends home, with turkey and everything! I ate it all and when they asked me if I wanted more I eagerly said yes. I was so happy that I was finally able to eat turkey again (despite it tasting a bit funny) on Thanksgiving.  A woman walked over to a rather large oven and opened it as I looked on. What I saw, however, was definitely not turkey. Instead of the golden roasting turkey I was expecting I found myself (literally) face to face with a giant black beetle. Inside this huge oven was a beetle that rested on three large baking trays. It was almost bigger than me. I gaped, appalled, at the spectacle before me. I looked down and saw part of a beetle carcass on my plate, some bits of leg scattered about. It was as if I had awoken from a trance and I just realized what I had eaten, and how it was actually not turkey as I had previously blindly believed. I felt somehow betrayed, horrified, and in great need of my Mom.

I’m not too sure what that dream meant because I actually kind of enjoy eating bugs. I think deep down I am actually quite missing the good ol’ US of A right about now. I miss the traditional American Thanksgiving fare of western culinary delights. I have spent many hours today just daydreaming about turkey, green bean casserole (my favorite!), sweet yams and marshmallow, stuffing, cranberry, mashed potatoes, you name it. It ‘s been a while since I sat together with my family around the dinner table; able to touch, talk face to face, and share moments together. Thanksgiving really is something special.

My family Thanksgivings in the past have been a mixed bag of misadventures of sorts, but they are the sort of things that we can look back and laugh on each year and wonder what will happen this time. I quite miss that.

If you are in America this year for Thanksgiving, consider yourself lucky. And if you happen to be surrounded by your family, consider yourself blessed. It’s times like these that I recognize and appreciate the value of simply being with the ones you love. So stop reading this and plug into some real life moments instead! Also….eat a lot of turkey and casserole for me. 🙂


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