Coffee Shop Lingo

There are some key phrases that will be useful to know when travelling to any foreign country. Since I am posting reviews about various coffee shops here in Buengkan, I figured I would help you out a little and teach you some Thai! Because if you need to know how to say anything, it’s how to order coffee.

The basic coffees like espresso, cappuccino, latte, and mocha are all English.

However, coffee is cafe and tea is cha, while green tea is cha keeow.

If you are female, you should end all of your sentences with ka. Males will say krap. This will help you sound more polite.

Some basic vocabulary:

want – ow
I want coffee = ow cafe ka 
Can I have…..? Mee………..dai mai (the mai at the end of a sentence turns it into a question)
Can I have tea? = mee cha dai mai ka

hot – ron
cold – yen
blended – ban
I want an iced mocha. = ow mocha yen ka
Can I have a hot latte? = mee latte ron dai mai ka
sugar – nam taarn
milk – nome
sweet – waan
a little bit – nid noy
to use/put in – sai

*Mai at the end of a sentence makes it a question, but when you put it in front of another word, it makes that word negative.
I don’t want it – mai ow.

Don’t add any sugar = mai sai nam taarn
only a little bit sweet = waan nid noy

I want an iced espresso, not sweet please. = ow espresso yen mai waan ka.
I want a hot cappuccino with only a little bit of sugar = ow cappuccino ron sai nam taarn nid noy ka. 

If you want to know the price of something, how much is tao rai
How much is it? = tao rai ka

Thank you! Kop khun ka!

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