The Coffee Project: Buengkan Edition


I love coffee. Coffee is life. In fact, coffee has probably replaced most of my blood by now. Since I spend at least…78% of my free time in coffee shops, I have decided to post reviews about all the lovely little coffee nooks in Buengkan, Thailand.

This has spawned possibly more from a case of writers block than anything else since most of you readers won’t be going out of your way to visit Buengkan on your Thailand trip, BUT if you do manage to find yourselves in this somewhat remote town-you will know where to get your caffeine fix!

The following coffee shop reviews will be based on price, taste, location (generally speaking, maybe not an exact address…), environment, menu and ease of ordering.

The list:

Bear in mind that I am no coffee snob, so if you know you are one of those coffee roast connoisseurs then take my review lightheartedly. Actually if you are picky about your coffee I would maybe not suggest Thailand as a country to fulfill your caffeinated desires because…well they love their sugar. And their coffee tends to be more like a treat. Usually.

Price: $-$$$$
$ = the cheapest coffee you can get. There won’t be any $ on this list because I consider that the 25 baht coffee you can buy off the street, and that’s your standard instant coffee whip up mixed in with 80% cream and sugar. There are literally too many of those places to count and you find them all over Thailand.
$$ = 30-45 baht range. Fresh ground coffee. This is the price range you will find in most coffee shops, at least in Buengkan.
$$$ = 45-65 baht range. This price is fairly uncommon local shops and usually only found in chains. I think there is only one place in Buengkan within this price range.
$$$$ = 70+ baht. Think Starbucks in Thailand. Like, actual Starbucks in Thailand. I’m pretty sure they just kept the American prices and converted them into baht, which makes the cost of coffee there skyrocket in comparison to local places. It’s ridiculous I don’t know why anyone would go there, but apparently they do. This price range is usually found with overseas companies and various chains within Thailand. They wouldn’t make it in this town, so fortunately Buengkan is free from this price range. 🙂

Taste: I’ve decided on an iced espresso, not sweet to order across the board for the drink of choice.



4 thoughts on “The Coffee Project: Buengkan Edition

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