The Spider That Sought Vengeance

It’s been a big couple of weeks for me. Finishing my job, packing up and moving house, saying goodbye to everyone, emotionally struggling with said goodbyes, etc. As I said: moving house. I packed up my little room-which can hold a shocking amount of stuff given the space provided- and moved into the Mundo Volunteer House for the next few weeks.

Now, there have been stories of this place being haunted, but I kinda brushed them off because it was daytime and everyone is fearless in the daytime. The volunteer house is in a small corner of Buengkan nestled in among three other homes, all owned by the same family. Apparently the woman who lived here before it came into Mundo’s possession was so convinced that there was a ghost upstairs that she never even went upstairs. As a result there were so many cobwebs not only up there but also trailing down the steps that it was impossible to get through them to even get up to the second floor. At this point if I were her I’d have been more scared of a spider infestation than a ghost but to each her own. Joan has said that she saw a ghost upstairs while cleaning once, but he was nice. Nice or not, *shiver*.

So here I am, present day, at the moment the sole inhabitant of this house. I’m fine in here, but I still don’t like to go upstairs at night because its be honest when the darkness settles it is a bit creepy. Ghost rumors aside, I met a very real nemesis on day one: the monster spider outside the bathroom window. Thin mesh wire screens have been installed to stop mosquitoes, and this massive spider was always just chillin on the screen. At first I thought he was dead because he didn’t even move, but come nightfall he became quite active. I kept a close eye on him and after a few days of him sticking to his post I decided he was fine because I could see him and he wasn’t actually inside. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer type of thing. We were frenemies for a few days, I always somewhat relieved to see him still there each time I went into the bathroom and he always jumpy in the evenings but steadfast to his post. Until about two days ago.

Two days ago I was in the bathroom, about to take a shower, when this little spider comes gallivanting out from behind one of the tiles like he owned the place. It startled me, and I went into spider hunter mode and eliminated the threat with a single swing of my flip flop. It’s listless body fell in a heap to the floor, and I turned to the window to check if Mr.Spider had witnessed the murder. He had. I pointed to him and said, “Now look, I don’t know if you knew that guy or not, but he was in my territory. As long as you stay there you and I are square, you hear?” He didn’t move; I assumed he heard my message loud and clear. Satisfied, I showered and returned to my room. I was surprised to find him missing from his place on the mesh wire screen a few hours later, but didn’t get suspicious until that night when he still hadn’t returned.

They obviously weren’t the same type of spider since the one I killed was way smaller, but it did cross my mind that maybe this large spider had witnessed a crime against his brother of sorts and decided to get revenge. I didn’t know, but the spider had yet to return and the idea that spiders could seek vengeance kept nagging at the back of my mind. I mean big as he was he was still quite small in the grand scheme of things and it would take him some time to relocate because the big world is full of cats and chickens and other such dangers.Plus he would have to find a way in and he can’t open doors on his own (thank God for that).

You guys, he found a way in and he sought vengeance tonight! I don’t even know how this happened exactly; I came back from a dinner with friends, unlocked the front door, and pushed open the screen. I saw a flash of black and looked to see, I swear it, THE SAME SPIDER from the bathroom scuttling across the floor after defiantly glaring at me. It was the same color, same size, same legs…you can’t spout out stupid spider species facts or in any way convince me that it was not that same spider attempting to avenge his long lost twice removed second cousin’s sudden end. Now I’m just speculating here, but I think I know what happened. At dinner I received a present, which I obviously brought home with me. Before unlocking the door I had to put the present down on a nearby table outside. After unlocking and opening the main door I leaned back to get my present while pushing open the screen instead of leaning forward as usual. I’m willing to bet that sneaky little hate fueled spider was waiting to dive bomb me as I went through the screen and his plan failed when his expected target (my head and/or face) wasn’t in place like it should have been, because he seriously just appeared on the ground out of nowhere.

An epic battle ensued and he did not go down with a single hit from the shoe. Oh no, it took many a curse word and several fervent swings to slay this great beast. Since I am alive to  give you a completely accurate and not at all exaggerated account, I am pleased to say I defeated my most recent enemy. However since I do believe spiders are capable of at least trying to exact revenge, I am slightly paranoid.


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