My Thoughts on Mainstream Music

Welcome back to the 30 Topic Blog Challenge! As you have probably figured out if you read my blog, my follow through on things is horrendous. I start these projects thinking yes. I can do this. I totally have time! This will be awesome. and then life gets in the way and I realize I am obviously not a professional blogger and no I can’t do it and suddenly my 30 topics in 30 days becomes just….a topic once in a blue moon. BUT I am actually ahead of the game here at work for once and everything is finished and I have free time and I have the motivation and I want to listen to music so let’s do this!
My thoughts on mainstream music.

I am most certainly not up to date on popular mainstream music so after some extensive research I found out which songs are killin it in America right now. I decided to listen to the top 20 and provide brief commentary.

  1. The Hills- The Weeknd: What. America how is this the number one song what’s wrong with you? His hair looks stupid.
  2. What Do You Mean?- Justin Beiber: What do you mean this is number two?! First of all his hair makes me want to puke. Why do boys all have weird hair now? And secondly this song sounds kinda…autotuned and….lame. I guess if you listen to it a few times it could be alright maybe. But don’t ever watch the video because just don’t. It’s stupid.
  3. Can’t Feel My Face- The Weeknd; This guy again? Ok this song is pretty catchy. I don’t know why he can’t feel his face but I kinda like it.
  4. Hotline Bling- Drake: There’s no words….? Oh no wait wrong link. Yeahnope I hate it. He just sounds all whiney because he left town and this girl has clearly moved on and his ego can’t handle it. Next.
  5. Watch Me- Silento: At first I thought noooope I like it a little. It’s fun. It’s like that song Happy-you can listen for maybe half the song and then its like nope I’m done that enough.  
  6. 679- Fetty Wap ft Remy Boyz: I don’t not like it…I don’t get why it’s in the top 20.
  7. Locked Away- R. City ft Adam Levine: Yaaaaaassssss! I love this one so much so far it should be #1 on this stupid list.
  8. Good For You- Selena Gomez: I kind of like her voice but that baby face…I can’t listen to it and watch the video I feel like I’m watching someone’s little sister trying to act too sexy for her age and it makes me feel weird.
  9. Cheerleader- OMI: Eh..yeah? Nah? I dunno…it’s pretty slow it’s not really a dancing song but almost? I don’t know how I feel about this one.
  10. Wildest Dreams- Taylor Swift: I….I like it.

General overall feelings? Not into it. You guys….come on we can do better than this! Most songs these days just feel shallow and usually derogatory. Don’t get me wrong if I’m out drinking in a club and a remix of this type of music comes on I’ll still dance to it because alcohol and a dance floor. However, in general I don’t think I’m really a fan of what’s hot right now.

**UPDATE: I just noticed that at the beginning of the post I said the top 20 and yet I only did the top 10. I proved my own point in this very blog post! Unbelievable. That’s actually a little embarrassing.


What’s Left to Say?

Blog challenge: Things You Want to Say to an Ex.


I dont have many exes in my life. I generally dont allow others to get close enough to me to become an ex. So I only have two.

To the first one….I have nothing left to say. I don’t even want anything to do with him. But I guess if I HAD to say anything to him it would sound something like, “I wish magic were real, and there was a potion I could take that would cause me to remember the lessons I learned from our relationship but completely forget the person behind them.”

And to my other more recent(ish) ex, “You were a great friend and I’m sorry I turned you into my rebound. I also apologize for turning three shades of crazy during my emotional trainwreck of a life, like that one time when I sat under the table, red wine drunk, and cried for seemingly no reason at all. I remember that now and I find it hilarious, but I can only imagine what must have been going through your head. Definite low point, haha my bad.”

…..I dont think I like this prompt.

A Day in Bullets


*Wake up. Chop up some mangos, pineapple, and dragonfruit for breakfast. (Must do at home because I like to suck the remaining fruit off the mango seed while juice drips pretty much everywhere and it looks rather undignified.)

* Walk across the street to school. Make my necessary cup of coffee and get ready for the day.

*Go to morning assembly and spend the 15-20 minutes wondering what the heck they are saying. Distract myself by counting the number of students who are sleeping.

*Go to my first class…not feeling quite awake enough yet to deal with 50 thirteen year olds. Tao takes my bag and carries it in for me as Fern grabs my hand and walks with me. They really are cute sometimes. (ok most of the time.)

*Get tickle attacked as I write on the board by Mas. Almost a daily occurance after one of them discovered this particular weakness of mine.

*Go to my next class. 10 minutes in I tell Jo I will throw him out the window if he does not stop talking. He understands after I act it out.

*Teach parts of the body. Place my hand on my chest and say “chest.” Potay pipes up with “nome!”(Thai word meaning milk..also what they call boobs). Chided him and wondered how I survived my first term before I learned any Thai (blissfully ignorant I think.)

*Eat lunch with some of my students. We have som tam (spicy papaya salad) and rice.

Screenshot_2014-07-08-08-50-37-1*Hop on my teacher facebook and find a message from one of my M6 (17-18yr old) students. He asked what the meaning of this picture was and after concluding he was genuine I doubled over laughing while thinking of a way to explain “invasive”, “skinny dipper” and “testacles”. He said he found it on “a website of science.” Oh the joys of teaching.

*Finally go home, shower, and go for a run in the park.

*Grab dinner and visit some friends. See another one of my M6 students who asked me what “Oh gee, Mama” meant. I had no idea. Boat cracked up because he thought she said “orgy”….and then I had to explain what an orgy is. It was an eventful day for translations.

*Practice some Thai, curl into bed and fall asleep while reading Game of Thrones.

Read This Book NOW!


I recently finished Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible and seriously…just stop whatever you are doing and go find this book. It is amazing.

I became acquainted with Kingsolver’s work maybe 4 years ago when I found a collection of her short essays and thoroughly enjoyed her writing style. I happened across this particular book somewhere down in southern Thailand and greedily snatched it, only to let it rest on my bookshelf for the past few months. A few days ago I began reading it and despite my busy schedule I just couldn’t put it down! I underlined, I read and re-read, I lost hours of sleep to those enchanting pages as they pulled me into another world until my eyelids could no longer hold themselves up and I drifted off to sleep, my coveted novel gently rising and falling with my chest.

I think what captured me most about this novel was the lure of foreign cultures, missions work, and the dark side of American influence and international power. Growing up, even in church, I have found missions work to be a struggle for me to decide on; I just don’t know where I fall on the continuum of right and wrong when it comes to the legitimacy of it and how missionaries go about their work. But that would be a whole other post in general. Kingsolver did a great job of highlighting both aspects of missions work and also what it means to say you are a Christian and act like a Christian.

Even if the religious angle isn’t your jive, this book is written through the eyes of 4 girls and their mother trying to adjust to life in the Congo after having their American comforts swept out from under them. It’s about coping in new environments and learning to survive in a world entirely unlike your own. As you read you live vicariously through these characters, perceiving life through five different lenses, growing to despise some while others resonate so completely with you that you envy the words of a story.

Fortunately the story doesn’t end when they finally leave Kilanga village; rather it follows the girls and mother into womanhood and old age, revealing to you not only how experience can alter your way of thinking but your entire life. It can change how you act, react,and perceive the world. As a reader you get the joy of watching how their experiences changed them and how they coped with everything that happened to them.

There are quite a few books on my love it list but this one (maybe because I just finished it) is most certainly in my Top 5 all time favorites. It is so beautifully written you can’t help but fall in love. Barbara Kingsolver, you speak to my soul.

Durian: the Devil’s Dessert

While the angels delight in things like dill pickles, peanut butter, and fudge….the devil delights in durian. Truth.

          I do not understand all the hype about a fruit that tastes like I’d imagine my socks would after an hour-long workout in this Thailand heat. During the unfortunate durian season its putrid stench permeates the sticky air, clinging to the insides of my nostrils, leaving me trapped in a prison of noxious fumes where all I want to do is run my finger around the inside of my nose in an attempt to cleanse my airways but I can’t because I’m a 2520140401_113719 year old woman in the middle of a very public market. I’m not even exaggerating (much), durian is banned in most hotels and public forms of transport. You know why? The smell; the poisonous stench seeping from that weird, yellow, wrinkly flesh of the fruit. Pretty sure the outside of this fruit is hard and spiky because YOU ARENT SUPPOSED TO EAT IT. That’s my theory, anyway.

And did you know that if you eat a lot of durian and drink alcohol you could actually die? The high sulfur content inhibits the body’s ability to clear toxins from the body by about 70%. Obviously this is no party snack. It is also a “hot fruit” and can cause excessive sweating because it heats up your body. Why on God’s green Earth would I want to sweat more than I already do in this weather? Those who are severely desperate seem to believe that durian is some sort of aphrodisiac. After my experience ingesting this dirty diaper of fruits all I felt was nauseous.

Some fool even tried to make candy from durian. You know what the other ingredients are? Salt, onions, and vinegar. Vinegar! Who in their right mind would call that candy?! That sounds even worse than Bakon Vodka…and to this day taking a shot of bacon flavored vodka was probably one of my worst decisions.

I just don’t understand how a continent with such beautiful places can grow something so evil. Yes, evil. Sulphur, smell of rotting carcasses, raised body temperature, potential untimely death…I mean come on, “Oh, hey, come on in ya old Devil, were just chowing down on the by-product of your hometown.”

And that, in it’s spiky little hate shell glory, is how I feel about durian.

If You Wanna Be My Lover..

…You gotta do more than get with my friends. (Spice Girls shout out, in case you grew up under a rock. Or, know, a different decade.) The first Challenge Topic just so happens to be “5 Ways to Win My Heart”. This Ice Queen’s heart is not so easily won over, but I guess this would be a good start.

1. Respect me. Better yet respect women, respect men, respect yourself. Respect me enough to not make constant jokes about where I belong and to take my ideas, thoughts, and opinions as valid as your own. Don’t let yourself fall prey to the all too prevalent belief that women are always at fault for a man’s actions against her because of how her clothing choice made him lust uncontrollably. You are stronger than that, respect yourself enough to take both control and responsibility of yourself and your actions.

2. Make me laugh. I LOVE to laugh, and you can be the most chivalrous gentleman in the world but my gosh if you can’t make me laugh we are not going to make it. This could very well be a critical flaw in myself that explains why I have been attracted to certain dead ends in the past, but it really is a make it or break it factor; if your well of humor is as dry as the Sahara I’m outta there before I get thirsty.

3. Be adventurous. I love all things adventure, be it travel, trying new foods, adrenaline sports, you name it. I need a man who loves travel as much as I do, who can show up in an unknown town without a pre-booked hotel and find the joy of discovering new places. Someone who is ok with sharing a dorm room with a bunch of strangers or a bathroom with cockroaches that one time we somehow ended up in that back alley hotel in…wherever we were; someone who can find the humor in one night of discomfort rather than letting it ruin a trip (see I’m back onto humor again….I told you it was important!). I will do things like sky diving, parasailing, scuba diving, and cliff jumping while you watch from the sidelines, but I’ll be wishing you were next to me instead.

4. Be tall. *Sorry, but there is minimum height requirement for this ride. You have to be at least 6’1, preferably taller, and you must have more substance to you than a bean pole. I am a strong, tall woman. I need a man who can make me feel short and pick me up with ease so that I don’t feel like a beluga whale in your scrawny little arms. You may not like these unwavering requirements and sometimes I wish it could be different, but that’s just my lot in life. (and I’m currently living in SE Asia…talk about a hopeless situation…)

*what a horrible metaphor

5. Give me the “3Cs”. Confidence, coffee, and chocolate. Confidence is key. I’ve seen too many relationships blow up in a flaming ball of resentment and anger because the pair lacked confidence in each other, which in turn led to a break down of trust. Have confidence in me and trust me, and Ill return in kind.
As for the other two…do chocolate and coffee really need any explanation? No, no they don’t.

The 30 Topic Blog Challenge

Some of my blogging friends have begun (or are in the middle of) the 30 day blog challenge. Since I have been shockingly silent in the blogosphere lately,  and because I also don’t really have a computer anymore, I have changed the challenge to simply write about all 30 topics. I promise I’ll try and write at least twice a week. I know it sounds a bit like a cop-out but…at least I’m trying! Below is a list of topics, linked to the post as I complete them.

Challenge Topic 1: 5 Ways to Win My Heart
Challenge Topic 2: Something You Feel Strongly About
Challenge Topic 3: A Book You Love
Challenge Topic 4: Bullet Your Whole Day
Challenge Topic 5: Things You Want To Say To an Ex
Challenge Topic 6: Your Views On Mainstream Music
Challenge Topic 7: Five Pet Peeves
Challenge Topic 8: What You Ate Today
Challenge Topic 9: How Important You Think Education Is
Challenge Topic 10: Put Your Ipod on Shuffle and Write Down the First Ten Songs to Play
Challenge Topic 11: Your Family
Challenge Topic 12: Five Guys You Find Attractive
Challenge Topic 13: Your Opinion About your Body and How Comfortable You Are With It
Challenge Topic 14: What You Wore Today
Challenge Topic 15: Your Zodiac/Horoscope and If You Think It Fits Your Personality Challenge Topic 16: Something You Always Think “What If…” About
Challenge Topic 17: Something You’re Proud Of
Challenge Topic 18: A Problem That You’ve Had
Challenge Topic 19: 5 Items You Lust After
Challenge Topic 20: Your Fears
Challenge Topic 21: What You Hope Your Future Will Be Like
Challenge Topic 22: Your Academics
Challenge Topic 23: Something That You Miss
Challenge Topic 24: 5 Words/Phrases That Make You Laugh
Challenge Topic 25: Something You Currently Worry About
Challenge Topic 26: Things You Like and Dislike About Yourself
Challenge Topic 27: A Quote You Try to Live By
Challenge Topic 28: Somewhere You’d Like to Move Or Visit
Challenge Topic 29: Five Weird Things You Like
Challenge Topic 30: One Thing You’re Excited For