How to Fail at Budget Travel

When I went to SE Asia, I had absolutely no plan. I thought I was going to Cambodia to teach English and about 3 months later found myself living in Thailand instead. I did zero planning for that trip and felt absolutely stress free-my bank account was doing just fine and I was thoroughly enjoying myself (re: indulging in the finer things in life such as as much beer and food I could possibly digest daily).

Now Europe…. Europe require a level of actual planning I was most certainly not prepared for. There are just so many places to go to and so many options. I tried to plan but felt slightly overwhelmed and figured I would book the ticket and just kind of wing it, per usual. However, everyone else seemed to see trouble on the horizons with my all to cavalier attitude. Even my mom asked if I was sure I actually wanted to do this trip. Throwing caution to the wind I brashly booked a flight and didn’t plan a damn thing until the week before boarding my flight to London (this consisted almost exclusively of emailing everyone I know in Europe and telling them to prepare their couches). I only did this because I started reading blog posts titled “How I only spent $700 in three weeks in Europe!” and mild panic settled in because I’m gone for 3 months.

You guys, you NEED TO BUDGET for Europe!! I hate saying that, I feel like it going against my travel code, but you seriously do. And, even more importantly, you NEED TO LEAVE THE UK!! Or at least have a game plan. Because believe me I say it is not a cheap place to be in.

Most of my friends that are in this part of the world reside in the UK and it was without a doubt totally worth it for me to spend over a month there…but this is a post of how to fail at budget travel, and so I will say I had a damn good time blowing my budget 🙂

If you want to fail at budget traveling: 

1. Stay in the UK

2. Travel around by bus in the Scottish Highlands

3. Have a night/multiple nights out in London

4. Spend any significant amount of time London

5. Go to Snowdonia national park in Wales without an exit strategy/plan

6. Change your mind on where to go next and backtrack a bit

7. Take a train anywhere in the UK

8. Do any touristy thing such as castles or museums

9. Eat out more than you eat in (unlike Thailand, eating out is not the cheaper option!)

10. Forget to pre book a hostel and be surprised by a big event that leaves all budget accommodation fully booked

Don’t worry, more to come on how I (mostly) enjoyed breaking the bank!